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The development of Kyocera Mita America‘s laser multi-function printer line took inspiration from the company’s working philosophy:

The evolution of technology and new eras always start by breaking through conventional wisdom.

And this year, bagged for the OEM the 2011 Monochrome Printer Line of the Year Award presented by the Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI). BLI is the source of product intelligence for the imaging Industry. The OEM also received recognition for its laser multi-function printer devices FS3140MFP andFS-1128MFP. Each of the MFP devices was conferred with the Pick of the Year Award.

Monochrome Printer Line of the Year
The top award conferred to Kyocera Mita America was the result of thorough performance evaluation and competitive value offer analysis conducted on a broad range of monochrome laser printers in the market. Kyocera Mita came out on top, beating out competition on a set of criteria such as high reliability, and toughness, particularly on devices that can endure the stresses expected from busy workgroups. Adding to the capability of the laser multi-function printer is the quotient of affordability which formed part of the evaluation.

Pick of the Year Awards
The FS-1128MFP received the printer performance award under the category of Outstanding Personal Monochrome Multifunction Printer (Summer 2010). Meanwhile, the Kyocera Mita FS3140MFP was recognized as the Outstanding A4 MFP for Mid Size Workgroups (Winter 2011). As per evaluation, both laser multi-function printer devices excelled dramatically not only in terms of performance but also in the aspect of affordability due to its low cost per page ratio.

Toner cartridge for the FS3140MFP retails at only $90 for its 15,000 page yield rating while the FS-1128MFP consumable sells at $76 for its 7,200 page yield rating based on the Industry standard of 5% page coverage. Also note that the OEM’s cartridges come with easy to open toner fill holes that makes Dieter Joel Jagnow refilling possible.

The award conferred by BLI is a testament to Kyocera Mita America’s effort to continually create products that is aligned with sound ecological practices. This commitment as a manufacturer gave rise to nearly maintenance free products, particularly the long-life technology infused on laser multi-function printer devices, namely the FS3140MFP and FS-1128MFP that satisfies the demand for enduring multifunctional desktop laser printers.

This long-life philosophy employed by Kyocera Mita America is contrary to the usual practice of maintaining an average lifespan for devices. Longevity of the product once attained also implies economy that must be complemented with lower operating costs to really be of great help to end users.

Photo By Dieter Joel Jagnow

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