Printer Technologies : What Type Of Printer Suits Your Need?

Printer Technologies What Type Of Printer Suits Your Need

Computers and printers have become an indispensable part of the modern world. People rely on these machines to store documents, streamline the filing system and even as a source of vital information. It seems people can no longer live without a computer and its peripheral, the printer. Computer printers have so far diversified into different types, in relation to the various technologies that produce the printed page. Impact printershave gravitated to obsolescence while LED printers are new entrants to the printer market. Inkjet printers and laser printers are of course the dominant printing devices in the mainstream.

Computer printer development traversed a different route as one printer technology after another was introduced. Development kicked off with the noisy impact printers of several decades back, to line printers, to inkjet printers and today the laser printers and LED printers. Presented below are 4 printer technologies that are widely used to serve pertinent user preferences that oddly satisfy varied printing requirements.

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Dry Toner Printers. This type of printers relies on the magnetic properties of toner to print text and images on paper or media. The process is electro-photographic since differing electrostatic polarities are applied to the OPC Drum (Organic Photo Receptive) and paper to allow the tiny toner particles to cling to the raster image produced on the drum€™s surface. The raster image on the drum is drawn courtesy of the laser scanning unit or the projecting array in the case of LED (light emitting diode) printers. Both LED printers and laser printers use toner powder particles that are stored in toner cartridges for easy replacement, refill and disposal once empty.

Inkjet Printers. The printing of photos and graphics is one application identified with inkjets as its design technology employs hundreds of inkjet nozzles that simultaneously spray ink into paper or media to form the image or text; resulting to stunning prints. And since inkjet printers are really cheap, most households and offices have this device at their disposal. However, ink used is really very expensive and a set of ink cartridges can only print hundreds of pages compared to the thousand pages yield rating of toner cartridges.

Impact Printers. More popularly referred to as dot matrix printers, impact printers employ an entirely different printing process as images are produced with the use of a mechanical arm that depresses an inked ribbon to transfer ink to paper in the shape projected by the computer. Impact printers are typically loud and irritating if integrated into the office environment.

Line Printers. This device employs another form of impact printing in which one line is printed all at the same time. Line printers were prominent during the early part of computer development but this print technology is still relevant today because of its fast print speed at the rate of 10 to 20 pages per minute.

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Remember that the choice of printer technology is dependent upon the users printing requirement. Not one printer technology however, holds dominion over other technologies.

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