Printer For High Volume Printing : How To Minimize Related Expenses?

Paper, ink and toner plus the printer unit are regular expenditure items that form part of office and even household budgets. When the printer is intended for high volume print jobs, it definitely becomes one of the major cost centers of a going concern. In order to hold on tightly to the much needed revenues, practical establishments order bulk printer paper and practice ink and toner recycling (use of ink/toner refills) to save on printing expenses.

The tough economic times teach us to be cautious in handling household and office printing expenditures. However, in the desire to cut back on expenses, many tend to sacrifice even the aspect of print quality. Below are a few more tips, adding to several tested ones, to help you save on printing expenses.

  • Ordering supplies in bulk is a time tested and guaranteed method to save money. While ordering bulk printer paper is a priority, ink and toner cartridges must be ordered several pieces at a time. And prior to disposing empty cartridges to the trash bin, make sure that ink and toner recycling is instituted until such time that print quality from refilled cartridges starts to degrade.
  • printer for high volume printing needs an ample supply of toner to print. Thus, it is common sense to order high yield ink or toner cartridges. In addition, a high yield ink or toner cartridge delivers a more decent CPP (cost per page) for documents.
  • Always switch the printer for high volume printing to draft mode. This method is important because draft mode consumes less toner compared to the standard printing mode. Besides, if the printed document is for inter-office use only and not for clients, printing hard copies in draft mode makes a lot of difference in minimizing toner expenses.
  • Just because the office orders bulk printer paper does not mean that duplex printing can now be discouraged. In fact, if duplex printing is employed on various print jobs, the office can save at least 50% on paper consumed.
  • Proofreading before final printing is a sound practice that must be observed since this reduces the likelihood of constant reprinting. This is essential when printing important documents or flyers intended for clients because printing in this mode utilizes a lot of toner.

Through it all, minimizing toner consumption is of utmost priority. Likewise, when met with an empty cartridge, always practice ink and toner recycling to cut back on printing expenses.

Keep in mind that a printer for high volume printing is only good until its toner supply lasts. Thus, practicing ink and toner recycling together with ordering bulk printer paper are guaranteed to work wonders in delivering excellent printouts at a less cost.

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