Preserving Water in the 5 Key Areas of Your Home

Preserving water is one of the few ways by which we can uphold the preservation of our environment. Moreover, this practice has a direct effect on consumption volume. Households observing proven methods aimed at conserving water will merit a lower consumption reading and bill charges. This is a big advantage to families who manage tight budgets. Management of water usage can be implemented in the 5 key areas of the home, as follows:

  • Kitchen – The SinkUse a down-flow faucet regulator.

    Check pipe drips and fix leaks.

    Adjust the water pressure on your water meter.

    Cleanse wet surfaces with paper towels instead of using water.

    Do not keep the water flowing when brushing your teeth. It is also better to rinse with a glass or cup of water.

    Place a small basin when washing dishes or an empty jug by the sink to trap used water. This can still be saved for other useful purposes.

  • BathroomUse a dipper and bucket when taking a bath.

    If you prefer to use the shower, add a faucet regulator or get a shower head controller. These additions will limit consumption and preserve water in return.

  • Toilet Room or Comfort RoomBuy a low-flow flushing toilet. This type is recognized as effective for preserving water.

    Follow the color technique, if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.”

    Put bricks in the toilet, it can save space and water.

    Check toilet for leaks.

  • Laundry RoomJam-pack your washers. It is ideal to reach the load capacity of the washers to minimize water consumption.

    Hand wash clothes as much as possible. This only applies when you have a small load of dirty garments.

    Postpone laundry activities once in a while, especially if unnecessary.

  • GardenWear plastic gloves when performing gardening chores.

    Recycle water by adding water barrels or tanks purposely for watering the plants and for other gardening necessities.

    Strap a tarp to catch rainwater. Water trapped can be used to water the plants.

    Apply the Xeriscaping method, a gardening style that limits the demand for water supply.

Additional Tips:

  • Employ a mopping strategy when cleaning dirt on floors. Use a Swiffer instead.
  • Observe fire safety hazards to avoid the incidence of fires.
  • For pet lovers, rub and brush your furry pets with baking soda as an alternative in order to conserve water.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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