Portable Printer Scanners : Top 3 Models And Guidelines To Purchase

Portable Printer Scanners -Top 3 Models And Guidelines To Purchase

“Printers and scanners have become indispensable to home office and office environments. After all, many of the critical business functions are conducted with the help of these devices.  Nonetheless, getting a dependable all in one printer can be costly to offices that are short on budget and could also congest workplaces operating in limited office space. Mobile businesses, meanwhile, require a scanner printer that can fit the intricacies of the trade. In all these instances, only a portable printer scanner can meet the need squarely.

Devices of this type retail at notably low prices and are designed with a small footprint. Being portable, the device can be moved easily and conveniently. Below are 3 of the best selling portable printer scanner available in the market.

#1 Canon BJC55 Color Portable Printer/Scanner

This is probably one of the finest models in its class. Weighing just over 2 pounds, what makes the BJC55 popular is the built-in Fast IrDA (technology) that is devised for convenient wireless printing. Moreover, the BJC55 is powered by the long-life lithium-ion battery that allows users to print as much as 100 pages before recharging. (Unit retails at $230)

#2 Visioneer RW120 RoadWarrior Patriot
The RW120 is likely the best portable printer/scanner ever designed to complement laptops and notebooks. The unit weighs only about 10oz and could therefore fit easily into a laptop bag. (Unit retails at $215)

#3 Brother DSMobile 600 Portable Scanner
This Brother manufactured portable printer scanner was designed to fit into the cramped spaces of a home office. While set with superb scanning capabilities, the DSMobile 600 Portable Scanner is also an efficient printer since the unit is programmed to operate with a high print resolution and at a modest print speed that makes it a good addition to the home office set-up. (Unit retails at $150)

Guidelines to Purchase
Choosing a portable printer scanner that satisfies the business need is altogether a different kind of story. There are a number of considerations to take into account, not to mention several models to choose from.

Maximum Scan Area. Initially, users must decide on the size of the scanning area. Low end scanners typically have letter sized scan areas while the more pricey scanners can accommodate legal size, 9” x 13” and even larger documents. What’s important is to select a printer scanner that has a large scan area, even if the size is more than what the user would actually need.

Measured in Dots per Inch or DPI, getting a high resolution printer scanner will produce the best image quality for scanned documents, photographs and works of art. Shop for a printer scanner set with a minimum optical resolution of 600 dpi.

Connectivity. Another important feature to consider is connectivity, whether the device is wired or is WiFi enabled.

Programmed Lockout. Also remember that printer scanners operate using 4 distinct ink/toner cartridges. Prior to purchase, check if the portable printerscanner device is programmed to lockout its operations whenever one of the cartridges runs out of ink/toner. A unit with that built in restriction can be costly to operate in the long run; particularly if the scanner is used more frequently than the printer.”

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