Plug & Play; Print Technology: HP’s New Printing Window

Is your laser printer consumer friendly? What makes a laser printer a consumer friendly unit? By definition, the term consumer friendly in the world of printers denotes an out of the box printer that hardly poses too much hassle to the user. Now that involves an easy installation and instruction sequence that won’t make the head spin. Just like when dining out, diners sit down and heartily eat without undergoing any form of instruction from the dining facility. Without any fuzz at all, the diner simply pays after dining is consummated. This is the basic tenet employed in the design of Hewlett Packard laser printers that has now been integrated into the new Plug and Print Technology. Said technology was developed primarily to to help users follow through what used to be an intricate printing process.

The new HP Print and Plug Technology offers a new dawn to laser printing. Much like talking to friends over the phone, the user will simply have to pull out the printer from the box and place it over a flat surface (probably beside an electrical outlet); plug the printer and using the USB Cable, connect the printer to the USB terminal of a netbook, notebook or PC before switching the unit on for the turn out of test prints. The setup process takes about 2 minutes to complete and thereafter printouts can commence. Gone are the days of CD ROM installations that necessitate the user to follow a series of rigid instructions pertinent to printer settings and configuration.

HP has practically ironed out all the extra dents and curves with the introduction of the Plug and Print technology – the first ever in the printing industry. The new technology will be a welcome addition to the home or office equipment fleet that endeavors to streamline basic print jobs. Of course when the printer runs out of toner, the user will still have to open the printer and replace the empty toner cartridge. Better yet, users can institute refills on the empty cartridge using toner refill kits to cut down on consumable expenditure.

It has been observed that innovations for the laser printer are long overdue. Laser printing technology has thrived with consumer consciousness for the last 25 years and is now due for a conscientious overhaul. It is possible though that a new printer technology is in the offing or laser printers will continue to evolve with drastic innovations. The introduction of the HP Print and Plug technology could spin off dramatic changes with the features integrated with the laser printer. This would definitely create a more promising printing future if other printer manufacturers would follow HP’S lead. By then, laser printers will be much more easier to operate and thereby increase user efficiency tremendously.

As HP opened year 2010 with the new Plug and Print Technology, expect other printer manufacturers to follow suit.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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