Pantum Printers : Laser Multi-Function Printers

The Pantum laser multifunction printer is the latest addition to hit the consumer market, hoping to get a chunk off from the giants that control the Industry.  The Pantum is the first printer to come from Mainland China, with the design based on the native bred core technology, as advertised. The product is expected to be released in Europe and Africa before the end of the year, the U.S. and other countries will follow suit. Not only will the printer be released into the market but also the printer consumables, making the launch as encompassing as possible.

What can consumers expect from the latest laser multifunction printer? Pantum hopes to offer consumers a viable alternative to costly consumables that is further manifested in its top features. Some of these are detailed as follows:

Long Laser Multifunction Printer Life. This is contrary to the OEM thrusts of setting a limit to the life of printers – at the most three years, and as indicated in the terms of the warranty. This simply means that a printer can only last up to the warranty period, and must be disposed to give way to a new printer. As each printer consumable and components are disposable, repair is not encouraged and parts are not easily available.

Sturdy and Durable Printer Design. While majority of printers in the mainstream are encased in plastic body frame, Pantum built their laser multifunction printers entirely of metal and integrated a print engine that can last over 70,000pages. Plus the whole printer structure is lightweight, so it can be moved or carried around easily and conveniently.

Affordable Printer Consumables. The consumer dollar is the primary concern of Pantum, so that each toner cartridge is devised to cope with expected printing expenses. Cartridge supply in 1,000, 1,500 and a high 2,300 page capacity are available to suit every users budget.

30% cheaper Cost Per Page or CPP. Based on company estimates, printouts delivered by Pantum printers are lesser in cost compared to the most efficient OEM printer.

The pronouncement made by Pantum is encouraging to homes, home offices and even to the government and large to medium enterprises. For one, the printer is designed to operate at affordable costs. In addition, given its low carbon design, it will definitely be a perfect fit to all work environments.

Now, check out the latest addition to laser multifunction printers that is taking the Industry by storm the Pantum from Mainland China.

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