Panasonic MB-1500 Laser Printer : Top Choice For Home Office Environment

Panasonic MB-1500 Laser Printer Top Choice For Home Office Environment

Multi-function laser printers are best-sellers because these incorporate printing, copying, scanning and fax messaging into a single, compact device that obviously cuts equipment acquisition costs. The Panasonic MB-1500 is one such MFP as it introduces cost and space saving features into the home or home office environment. And the Panasonic MFP being an all-in-one is specifically built to streamline office activities as well as to raise the bar for personnel efficiency and company productivity.

What makes the Panasonic MB1500 fit the home office or SOHO environment?

Typically, a SOHO environment is one with limited space, so the Panasonic MFP is a perfect addition because its physical size is 25% less compared to other printers of the same category. However, its compact size is not lacking in technical features, as it delivers the best all-around performance that is expected only from high-end printer models.

Printing speed. A modest 19ppm (pages per minute) is available only for high-end models and not for printers that serves the SOHO environment. Most printers available for the SOHO market can only deliver a print speed half as much as the Panasonic MB1500.

Monthly duty cycle. At 19ppm print speed, the printer is expected to be built with robustness as the primary consideration because like the Panasonic MFP, it must survive the rigors of printing not less than 10,000 pages a month. A printer not up to the task will fail to deliver miserably.

Print resolution. 600×600 dpi (dots per inch) resolution is typical for most high-end printer models, but the Panasonic MB1500 even goes overboard as it delivers an interpolated resolution of 19,200 x 19200 dpi, which could mean the best in print quality.

Energy Star rating. The classification will only mean significant cut in energy usage because the printer of this magnitude will be expected to eat up a lot of energy considering its top of the line features. But with this classification, energy use will have a drastic cut of around 60% compared to other competing brands.

In addition to its high-end features, the Panasonic MB1500 series is designed with a built-in digital speakerphone and microphone system, which gives users access to communication without the use of a handset. This added convenience makes it easier for users in homes or offices to make use of the resources smartly and swiftly much better than other models in the market.

If your SOHO printer cannot meet the expected output, replace the unit and switch to the Panasonic MFP that not only delivers on its promise but likewise streamlines and simplifies the task conveniently.

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