Panasonic KX-MC6040 Multifunction Printer : What Makes It Superior To Other Brands?

Panasonic KX-MC6040 Multifunction Printer - What Makes It Superior To Other Brands

Not all color laser multifunction printers are designed to be equal. Some were intended to boost speed while others to deliver cozy print quality. However, the Panasonic KX MC6040 is built in-between to satisfy modal printing requirements. Fact is, each type of printer is typecast for certain applications and only one can be ideal for either home use or office use; under a networked environment, or geared towards intricate color reproduction for advanced applications. However, one thing is generic to all; the consumables supplied in cartridges like the Panasonic toner are all part of it.

The Panasonic KX MC6040 color printer’s technical edge is manifested in its choice of a print engine, particularly the single pass hardware. For a networked color laser multifunction printer, a single pass print engine is important because it shortens print time for each document. The process allows all Panasonic toner (CMYK) to reach the formed images on paper in a single burst, unlike the multi pass print engine where each color delivery happens one after the other. Therefore, 10ppm (pages per minute) for a multi pass printer will actually be 40ppm for a single passprinter. Besides, owing to the simplicity of the process, paper jams seldom occurs.

The Panasonic KX MC6040 as a multifunction printer is a rung above all others classified in its category. The MFP is capable of performing all printer functions print, scan, copy, and fax. These characteristics are designed to provide users with a balanced performance, which means that not one function can claim superior performance over the other.

  • As a printer, the Panasonic KX MC6040 can deliver prints at the speed of up to 21ppm for both color and monochrome printouts. Panasonic toner prints at vertical and horizontal resolutions of up to 600x600dpi (dots per inch) and it can be configured with attachments to perform duplex printing.
  • As a scanner, it can be interpolated to deliver up to 9,600 dpi and can convert scanned pages to documents that are easy to edit through its Readiris OCS software. In addition, users can directly scan to PC or email without the PC and FTP server.
  • As a copier, this color laser multifunction printer can turn out multiple copies (99 copies) of an original document at a speed and resolution similar to what its printer can provide.
  • As a fax machine, it is designed for speedy transmissions at the rate of 4ppm. The MFP’s fax comes with a generous onboard memory of 10MB that can be used to save transmissions intended for printing at a later time or when the device runs out of paper. Incoming faxes can be directly previewed through the printer’s preview function.

In addition to being color laser multifunction features, a single KX MC6040 with Panasonic toner in cartridges can service series of PCs in a networked environment.

Next time you need the perfect multifunction printer in your office, remember to specify the Panasonic KX MC6040 the right printer for the right reasons.

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