NextLife Ink Cartridges For Dell Printers : Eco-Friendly Choice That Fits The Budget

The Dell NextLife ink cartridge is the product of an IT multinational corporation serious efforts to contribute to the upkeep of the environment. Dell Inc. not only succeeded in adapting green technology into their product lines but also extended financial relief to users of ink cartridges for Dell printers because NextLife branded printer consumables are not only affordable but also deliver additional yield compared to regular ink cartridges; resulting to more number of pages printed per cartridge.

The most commendable feature of Dell printer ink cartridges is the compatibility of its cartridge units to 70% of the most widely accepted inkjet printers.. So, whether the printer used is an HP, Canon, Epson or Lexmark, ink cartridges for Dell printers is the right ink cartridge for you.

Dell Inc. entered into partnership with NextLife, an eco-focused company and advocate of green products and green technology, to help ease the expenditures of users on Dell printer ink cartridges and other OEM cartridges. The cost of printer ink is downright disheartening given the pricing pegged at $3. The Dell NextLife ink cartridge therefore relieves users of the heavy price burden.>

The main consideration for the tie-up is the end user and their desire to save on printing costs. NextLife ink cartridges for Dell printers are slightly cheaper when compared to regular ink cartridges and are devised to cover a 20% yield upgrade. Co-branding further reinforces the credibility of the consumable. The fact that it is OEM ink manufactured by Dell Inc. establishes the perception of good quality among users.

The NextLife ink cartridge by Dell is a refurbished ink cartridge unit. This makes the product eco-friendly as the impact of cartridge production is reduced when manufacturer recycle toner cartridges Furthermore, these cartridges are rated 30% less in terms of carbon footprint when compared to new ink cartridges that come with a higher recycled content 43% to 63% reclaimed materials.

Packaging for the NextLife ink cartridge is designed with high percentages of post-consumer waste – around 50%. Now that makes the cartridge recyclable packaging standout.

An independent study that sought to measure imaging compatibility for NextLife Ink cartridges when used with HP, Canon, Epson or Lexmark printers returned with excellent ratings plus 100% reliability for Dell printer ink cartridges. However the most compelling reason why a getting a NextLife cartridge by Dell is a must is that the printer product performs well just like the high-priced ink cartridges available in the market today. Moreover, the price difference is enough to give consumers jolt in the arm once they realize how much money they can save when using NextLife ink cartridges for Dell printers in the long run.

Given the expected support of environmentalists and consumers, the initiative made by Dell Inc. will hopefully become a customary fare among major printer manufacturers. NextLife ink cartridges for Dell printers are gaining ground among well-meaning inkjet users as it strives to become one of the impetus for the preservation of the environment.


Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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