New Research Shows The Possibility of Using Water As Printer Ink

Imagine using water as ink for printing documents and images in offices and homes. This would be very convenient as water can be found far and wide. Most of all, it is cheaper in comparison to the current ink composition, thus resulting to a huge cut off on ones expenses.

It is Possible! At least, this is according to the Chinese researchers of Jilin University in Changchun, China. Every time you print, it’s fresh, said professor of chemistry and Sean Zhang. We are using a commercially available inkjet printer. We just filled the cartridges with water and put it back. It’s like normal printing. The magic is in the paper, added Zhang.

Water as Ink The Research

Based on research, water can be a good replacement to ink printer consumables. However, this new technology wonder is not due to a printer innovation rather with the kind of paper used for printing. The team has developed a special paper coating that works well with H2O to print texts. The aforementioned coating has dye molecules that are activated by water during the printing process.

The development of the research went as far as being able to print Chinese and English characters in varying colors of magenta gold and purple. The next step is to combine colours to go black, Zhang quoted in Discovery News. Sean Zhang is a former researcher at Hewlett-Packard Labs located in Menlo Park, California.

The direction of this research has already piqued the curiosity of consumers who are continuously in pursuit of finding cheaper solutions for their printing needs. One of the best upshots of this printing method is being able to use conventional inkjet printers. So users need not be wary since their existing printers can handle the new approach. The water cartridge can likewise be replaced easily with a printer ink cartridge should consumers decide to use the latter. This new printing method definitely has potential.

However, once the research is fully developed and proven feasible, this could be detrimental to OEM printer consumable manufacturers. Over the years, OEM companies are in a constant battle with knock off consumable producers or third party manufacturers. The addition of water as ink technology poses a new threat to the already declining OEM industry.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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