New Product : Brother TN-210 Flag Gear For TN 210 Starter Cartridges

Are you by any chance using an HL-3040 or HL-3070 Brother laser printer model?

If you are, then most likely you have dealt with a number of Brother TN-210  toner cartridge replacements, the toner consumable loading both printers. But then what happens to the empty cartridge you’ve replaced?

What happened to TN-210 empties?

If you have not disposed of empty cartridges at a nearby trash bin or returned it to the manufacturer for recycling, then you probably still have those cartridges in collecting dust in storage. But why put to waste a still serviceable cartridge unit.

Good news is that you can refill those cartridges with a fresh load of compatible Brother TN-210 toner and use it for another printing cycle. What more? Compatible toner is so affordable that you can actually save up to 90% on consumable cost each time you refill the cartridge.

Reuse empties up to 3 times with TN-210 Refill Kits

Laser Tek Services has been providing a good number of satisfied HL-3040 and HL-3070 users a steady supply of Brother TN-210toner refill kits for some time now.  The kits allowed our valued customers to conduct an easy, do it yourself refill of empty cartridges up to 3 times and consequently reuse it for 3 printing cycles as well.  What an economic miser!

Can starter TN-210 cartridges be refilled?

The benefit of refilling is now extended to TN-210 starter cartridges or the cartridge that comes shipped with the printer unit. Yes,TN-210 starter cartridges can now be refilled by simply installing the Brother TN-210 flag gear on the cartridge gear side. See how this little reset gear puts back to printing life the half-forgotten starter cartridge for another print cycle.

Available for only $3.99 from Laser Tek Services, reactivating the Brother TN-210 starter cartridge would save you the effort and money put into the purchase of another OEM replacement.  Note that the Brother TN-210 flag gear is only necessary for startercartridges. If refilling a replacement cartridge, you can immediately refill the unit using Brother TN-210 toner refill kits. Only startercartridges are not supplied with a flag gear.

The cost and performance benefits of Brother TN-210 toner refill kits, as experienced by the growing number of pleased LTS customers, are more than satisfactory. Aftermarket consumables surely have empowered the regular laser printer user to produce the necessary, OEM quality printouts without being confined to the use of OEM consumables. Now, more than ever, laser printer users know that they have a choice!

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