New LTS Toner Refill Kits For Ricoh Aficio AP3800 And More!

For this post, we are featuring new Ricoh compatible kits available from Laser Tek Services (LTS) line of toner refill kits. Leading the pack is the Ricoh Aficio AP3800 Toner Refill Kit which comes supplied with high grade compatible toner powder stored in 4 color-specific bottles. Compatible toner powder can be used to refill empty Ricoh OEM cartridges 885372 (monochrome), (yellow), 885374 (magenta) and 885375 (cyan), and recycle these for another cycle of printing. LTS recommends refilling cartridges for up to 3 times. Check our site for a complete list of laser printers compatible with this refill product.

The Ricoh Aficio AP3800 Toner Refill Kit retails for only $122 for the rainbow pack while individual kits are sold for less than $35 a piece. OEM cartridges for the AP3800 are distributed with a counter price of $114 for the monochrome unit and over $200 for the colored cartridges. Refilling your cartridges with compatible toner powder is really a budget saver! Refill packages also include a funnel cap, toner wipes, a pair of gloves and an illustrated instruction manual.

Also available from LTS are toner refill kits compatible with another set of discontinued laser printers, particularly Ricoh Aficio CL1000, CL3000, CL3500, CL4000, CL7000 and CL7200.

So if you want to continue using the basic connectivity and superb print speeds of Ricoh multifunction color laser printers without putting a dent on your pockets each time the toner cartridges of these printer units conk out, we suggest taking the aftermarket route and sampling the cost and user benefits of Ricoh toner refill kits. Be rest assured; it would only take you 5 to 10 minutes to refill an empty toner cartridge.

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