New LTS Kit: HL-2400 Toner Refill Kit

If your laser printer is the Brother HL 2400 or one of the models coming from the HL series then we’ve got good news for you. You probably have a number of empty TN01 toner cartridges dusting in storage right now but don’t just throw them out yet! LTS just released a new refill toner product that is intended to replenish the toner supply of TN01BK, TN01C, TN01M and TN01Y cartridges loading the HL-2400 laser printer. Available in 4 Packs, the Brother HL 2400 toner refill kit comes supplied with 4 bottles of refill toner; each bottle containing toner powder that is 100% compatible with the black, cyan, magenta and yellow toner cartridge respectively.

Print Performance
Engineered to match the physical composition and technical specifications of the OEM TN01 toner, the HL 2400 compatible toner has therefore been designed to duplicate – if not exceed; the print quality of copies produced using OEM TN01 toner cartridges. Therefore with the Brother HL 2400 toner refill kit, consumers are guaranteed of crisp, razor sharp prints and yield of up to 6000 pages at 5% coverage; much like what genuine cartridge can deliver.

Cost Comparison
The Brother HL 2400 laser printer can be acquired for only $450 or even less if you factor in sales discounts. Consequently, the prevailing retail price of its replacement toner cartridges ranges from $100 to $160 a piece (with color cartridges priced higher than the monochrome cartridge). The purchase of a rainbow kit or bundle of 4 cartridges should therefore easily exceed the acquisition cost of the laser printer so that buying a new printer unit every time it runs out of toner becomes a more sensible option. Well, not with the HL 2400 toner refill kit! Selling for only $100, the 4 pack bundle will definitely help reduce your periodic expenditures on printer consumables and likewise ease out the high costs of laser printing.

Follow the refill process precisely as illustrated in the accompanying instruction manual to successfully transfer refill toner powder into the hopper while avoiding contact with toner particles in the process (in case of toner spills). The HL 2400 toner refill kit also contains materials and tools useful to the refill process like the funnel cap, chemically treated toner wipes and latex gloves.

Color laser printing is really expensive, but with good and reliable information, a user can cut printing costs by as much as 85% through the use of quality toner refill kits.

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