LTS Top 10 Most Wanted Gifts And Gadgets For Black Friday 2011 Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of our Top 10 countdown of the Most Wanted Gifts and Gadgets for Black Friday 2011! In our previous post, we revealed the first 5 ideal gift items to purchase for your loved ones. As promised, we will unravel today the remaining Top 5 gadgets that shook and stirred the marvelous digital world. Let’s start counting from 5 as we get closer to the gadget that grabbed the number 1 spot.

5. Sony BRAVIA HD TV – HX925 Series

This is the ideal gift for movie fanatics and internet savvies alike. With its integrated Wi-Fi connection, you can log in to Facebook, Twitter, talk on Skype, and watch videos on YouTube. It features the X-Reality PRO that offers extreme pixel clarity and the Intelligent Peak LED that lets you view the deepest blacks and brightest whites possible in an image. This amazing 3D Internet TV has an impressive monolithic design that is bound to put guests visiting your home at awe. If you are feeling generous this Black Friday 2011 or you simply want to spoil yourself, you can purchase the Sony BRAVIA HD TV – HX925 Series 55 inches for $3637 online or cheaper in other websites.

4. Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Young professionals and college students will adore you if you purchase them this considered rival of Apple’s MacBook Air. Made from Duralumin that is twice the strength of aluminum, this netbook is both durable and elegant with its minimalist look. It boots with Windows 7 64-bit OS and runs on an Intel Core i5 Processor and 128 GB Solid State Drive or SSD. Users who can afford a bit of luxury can get the Samsung Series 9 Notebook for $1,649.99.

3. Motorola Droid X2(Verizon Wireless)

This amazing Android smartphone features a qHD display and a dual-core processor for faster performance. Users can also expect excellent call quality and battery life. Retailing at $549.99, Verizon Wireless will drop the unit’s price to $200 for those who will sign up for a new plan. People looking for special discounts without compromise in service and quality will be delighted by this fantastic Black Friday 2011 deal.

2. iPad2

The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates connectivity and mobility. This 10-inch tablet is thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor. It operates with an incredible battery life of 10 hours with over 140,000 available apps and advanced iCloud capability. It now runs on IOS 5 which is considered as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. The iPad2 price starts at $499 at the Apple Store.

1.iPhone 4S

Now, everybody wants their hands on the latest innovation from Apple.This sleek and powerful gadget is the most amazing iPhone yet. Aside from iCloud and IOS 5, this awesome gadget features a voice command called Siri and a great 8-megapixel camera.However, the most talked about feature would be the iPhone 4s Siri, an artificial intelligence that can understand what you say and even talks back. It processes text and email messages, schedules meetings, places phone calls, and so much more by utilizing your voice. The Apple Store retails the iPhone 4S at $199 starting price.

That marks the end of our exciting Top 10 list. Make sure to check out the outlined most wanted gifts and gadgets this Black Friday 2011.We hope this list helped you sort out the hottest gift ideas for you and your loved ones. Keep looking for the hottest bargains and discounts this holiday shopping weekend to help you save lots of money on your purchases. See you next time for the latest interesting tech posts that are guaranteed to spark your interest and increase your knowledge.

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