LG MachJet LPP6010n : World’s Fastest Color Printer Is An Inkjet!

LG MachJet LPP6010n Worlds Fastest Color Printer Is An Inkjet

The only reason inkjet color printers could not compete with laser printers is the speed by which documents are turned over. While a typical inkjet is rated at 5 ppm, a laser printer churns out printed documents at over 30 pages per minute. Now with the introduction of the LG Machjet LPP6010N – a fast color inkjet printer, the perception changes because of the Memjet print head that is capable of delivering printed A4 size documents at 60 ppm.

Print Speed Limitations for Standard Inkjets
In a typical inkjet printer, the print quality of turned out documents is adversely affected by fast printing speeds because current inkjet technology could not cope and deliver the compensating dpi (dots per inch) resolution. So, it goes without saying that print speed had to be minimized in order to get the stunning print quality expected from an inkjet. Actually, what causes the break in print quality is the nature of the print head of a typical inkjet that moves along the entire width of the media.

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New Print Head Overcomes Speed Constraints and Printer Cost
Really fast color inkjet printer models came about with a new print head innovation. With the Machjet LPP6010N, the typical print head is replaced with the technically superior Memjet print head. This time, the new print head is stationary and spans the entire width of the media. With print head movement curtailed, 70,400 ink nozzles are packed into the silicon based structure, spaced intuitively one after the other and spanning the entire width of paper. The array of nozzles can deliver 600 million ink droplets per second, perfecting the required 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution needed to produce high quality prints.

The stationary Memjet print head reduces monumentally the cost to produce even the fast color inkjet printer types. Now the complex paper handling system is eliminated with the print path lessened and all 4 ink colors reaching the media more quickly. The new inkjet printing system revamped the typical inkjet architecture and dispensed with the need for more sophisticated nozzle ink drop-firing adjustments to recompense for the irregularity as ink and paper act fluidly between the color spectrums.

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For the moment, the fast color inkjet printer enjoys the moniker of the fastest inkjet in the industry and contends head on with some of the finest laser printers in terms of print speed. This recognition is entirely attributed to the integration of the Memjet print head into the LG LPP6010n color printer.

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