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Lexmark T656DNE Laser Printer : Monochrome Printer With A Touch

Lexmark T656DNE Laser Printer: Monochrome Printer With A Touch

When it comes to innovative ideas, trust Lexmark to deliver sensible solutions to the otherwise drab and boring printing processes. Take the Lexmark T656dne monochrome laser printer for instance. The new model raises printing expediency to a new high with the introduction of the industry’s first single-function monochrome laser printer that comes supplied with a color touch screen; in lieu of the bulky and complicated control panel. Moreover, advanced technical standards await buyers as pertinent systems are already built in with the T656dne.

The Touch Screen Advantage. With just the touch of an icon on the T656dne’s 7-inch color screen, workgroups gain access to an array of productivity applications that are geared towards streamlining print jobs and other related process. Below is a quick rundown of the settings available with the touch screen panel.

  • Forms and Favorites icon. Devised as a waste doctor to treat pre-printed forms; this icon provides instant access to web-based documents even when the user is far from the work station. Consequently, it has also been devised to auto-save important documents to the unit’s encrypted hard disk
  • Eco-settings induce energy savings through a cutback on wasted pages and minimal consumption of toner.
  • Change Background Image. This feature allows organizations, offices and individuals to personalize the background as preferred.
  • Change Language. This setting is typically encountered during the printers initial set-up which allows users around multi-lingual environments to select a preferred language from the ones displayed on the touch screen.

Performance and Storage Capabilities. The Lexmark T656dneproduces printouts at an impressive speed of 55 ppm (pages per minute) on A4 or letter sized media. The unit puts more emphasis on the concept of speed as the printer is designed to produce the first page in a matter of 7.5 seconds only. In terms of memory, the unit operates with over 80GB of hard disk space to shore up custom-made applications and expand storage capacity as needed.

Productivity Features. Other important features integrated into the T656dne’s system includes an impressive array of paper handling options, leading security protocols and several pre-loaded applications. It also comes with built-in solutions framework designed to accept additional custom-made applications; intended to lower printing costs and increase user productivity. Duplex printing capabilities is another important feature integrated into the unit that gives more sense and value to the user’s investment.


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