Lexmark Genesis Printer : Revolutionary Looks, Impressive Features

Lexmark Genesis Printer - Revolutionary Looks Impressive Features

While most printer manufacturers design printers to sit comfortably in living rooms and resemble that of sculptural cubism at a glance, Lexmark did the unexpected in the Genesis AIO Inkjet Printer. The OEM exploited the vertical design of the printing/scanning machine and never used layers upon layers of plastic cover to sanitize the look. The outcome resembles more like a pants press than an inkjet printer. But, it is unique and the printer€™s small footprint blends well with any office décor. Aside from its revolutionary look, the Lexmark Genesis printer is loaded with features that other contemporary printer models can only gape at.

Convert Documents into Digital Format in Seconds. The main selling point of the Lexmark Genesis printer is the new Flash Scan Technology integrated into its design. Instead of the regular scanning system, Lexmark introduced a 10 megapixel-imaging sensor that allows this Lexmark inkjet printer to transform a document into digital format in just 3 seconds. That is really fast for a scanning/photocopying machine. The Flash Scan Technology can also be utilized to send fax messages or produce printed copies.

Get True Photo Copies of Documents .The Lexmark Genesis is the first office equipment than can be truly classified as a photocopier. Conventional photocopiers employ a mechanical scanner head that slides over the scanned document with use of light, reflecting mirrors and focusing lenses. The 10 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor integrated into the Lexmark Genesis printer on the other hand literally takes photographs of documents placed on the scanner plate. The scanning technology guarantees that photocopies resemble the original document including the details for text, graphics, and colors.

Scan Documents via the Touch Screen Panel. Scanning tasks are performed through the 4.3€ LCD touch screen strategically located at the center of the front panel (also described as the scanner lid).

Simply flip open the front panel and there you€™ll find the letter size flatbed scanner. The color LCD also serves as gateway to web connectivity and facilitates access to cloud printing applications. As a bonus feature, the LCD control panel switches off following periods of non-use which significantly reduces energy consumption. It is also equipped with an automatic duplex printing system that ably cuts paper consumption by 50%.

Get More than the Basic Features. The Lexmark Genesis printer is a 4 in one, web based inkjet intended for high speed printing, high resolution outputs and high volume print jobs. Given the print speeds of up to 30 ppm for color and print resolutions of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi, the user is bound for the speedy printout of stunning, color prints.  And with its published monthly duty cycle of 3,000 pages, the unit can surely withstand the rigors of high volume print jobs.

The Lexmark Genesis printer is indeed revolutionary inside and out.

Photo credit: jimmyroq / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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