Lexmark E360DN Laser Printer : How It Lives Up To User Expectations?

The small business laser printers of OEM Lexmark carry solid performance reputation of versatility, serviceability and no nonsense durability that endeared it to most to users.

The Lexmark e360dn printer extends this tradition of excellence and lives up to expectations. Moreover, the Lexmark monochrome laser printer modicum of affordability is complemented with eco-friendly features that are rare in its class.

True mark of affordability is best expressed in the design of the print engine that separates the OPC (Organic Photo Receptor) Drum from the toner cartridge. The set up of tandem components allows it to be serviced separately since both have differing lifetime expectancy. The OPC Drum can last over 30,000 pages while the regular toner cartridge is expected to dry out after 3,500 pages.

This will only mean savings equivalent to 8 to 10 cartridge replacements occurring before the OPC Drum dies out and needs to be replaced. Once the cartridge is out of toner, the user will only have to replace the toner cartridge or refill it because the OPC Drum has a lifecycle 10 times that of the toner cartridge. Other printers in its class necessitate the replacement of both the OPC Drum and toner cartridge once the cartridge unit is out of toner.

Print quality tradition is dutifully observed in the Lexmark e360dn printer as it delivers crisp and dense texts without any degree of spatter. Along with a default resolution of up to 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) print irregularities that take the form of curves and diagonals noticeable in other small business laser printers in its class are corrected producing clear, smooth, clean lines and fill patterns. Texts and graphics are as well reproduced with distinguishable grayscales.

Printer flexibility indicates that the Lexmark e360dn printer can be upgraded to fit pertinent needs. For instance, the printer is supplied with a 50 sheet multi-purpose feed tray which alows the print of various media sizes. A 250-sheet or 550-sheet drawer can be added to streamline expected printing requirements. And to be receptive to intricate text and graphic details, memory can be upgraded to 288MB. Environmental consideration on the Lexmark small business laser printer involves the eco-friendly features that considerably cut consumable consumption. The duplex feature of the Lexmark e360dn printer reduces paper use by 50% while the Eco-Mode printing feature limits use of toner to a sizeable percentage. Moreover, toner cartridges can be subjected to refills using DIY toner refill kits to extend its lifecycle indefinitely. In todayworld where recycling seem to be the order, Lexmark eco-friendly laser printers will live up to user expectations.

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