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Lexmark C770 Toner Refill Kit : Cuts Network Color Printing Expenses By 70%!

Depending on workforce size, a typical office layout might just need only a single network laser printer to serve intermittent color printing requirements. The Lexmark C770 is one such printer. Designed with a powerful 800 MHZ processor that directs the series of information coming from networked PCs, the printer is also supplied with onboard RAM of 256 MB. Should network complications transpire in line with limited memory status, RAM can be expanded up to 768 MB. And since a network of this magnitude regularly handles severe traffic information streams, the manufacturer included a 40GB hard disk as an option to increase capacity of its storage bank.

Nevertheless, the most important consideration in the aspect of network color processing is the maintenance of the color laser printer, particularly that of its consumables. The bundled toner cartridges designed for the Lexmark C770 laser printer is retailed at $1400. Each cartridge comes with a rating of 6,500 pages at the standard page coverage of 5%. Therefore, an office that requires monthly cartridge replacement would have an annual toner consumable expenditure of as much as $16,800. Despite the exorbitant pricing, one positive aspect would be the minimal Cost Per Page (CPP). CPP for OEM color cartridges is pegged at 12 cents and 2.6 cents for the monochrome cartridge. By industry standards, said CPP readings are already tolerable and much cheaper when compared to the charge of offset printers if print jobs are outsourced.

Establishments with limited printing budgets won’t go easy on the pricey OEM toner cartridges and would therefore consider cheaper options available from the aftermarket. A cost effective option would be the refill of OEM cartridges with compatible toner in order to sustain print jobs. And since the manufacture of compatible toner has reached the stature of OEM toner, disparity in print output and yield in printed pages has ceased to exist. Therefore with toner quality out of the question, any cost-conscious user will certainly pick a toner refill kit that is obviously cheaper by 74% over an OEM toner cartridge.

The cost of the rainbow pack toner refill kit is only $370.95 and the package already includes 4 reset chips one each for the C, M, Y and K cartridge. The monochrome compatible toner kit retails for only $95.95 while the color kits are sold at $99.95 each. Since OEM toner cartridge components are designed to take a beating, the unit can survive 3 to 4 refills and printing cycles which would generate more savings for the user; given that the CPP for refill kit printouts is further reduced to only 0.6 cents both for color and monochrome prints. In contrast, the counter price of the C7702KH monochrome toner cartridge is $230 while the CMY cartridges are sold at $415 each. And if one considers the multiple refilling feature of toner cartridges, then a dollar bonanza awaits the user at the end of the cartridge’s serviceable life.

Next time your OEM toner cartridge runs out of toner, refill the unit with compatible toner supplied with the Lexmark C770 toner refill kit to substantially reduce office network color printing expenditure.


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