LeanPrint Technology : Get To Know The Latest Innovation In Printing Savings From Adobe & Toshiba

LeanPrint Technology - Get To Know The Latest Innovation In Printing Savings From Adobe and Toshiba

It is a fact that our printing practices are the underlying reasons behind the steep rise in home and office printing costs – brought by our inability to observe manual cost saving solutions. Obviously to bring relief to this wasteful practice, Adobe and Toshiba joined hands to bring LeanPrint Technology, the new software that will automatically reduce printing costs and free users from dutifully following voluminous instructions just to save a few pennies.

What is the LeanPrint Technology software? This is the software developed by Adobe and exclusively carried by Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) to precisely reduce printing costs by making use of cutting edge technology to automatically fine tune formatting, colors, and layout right on the host PC regardless of the type of printer (laser, inkjet, stand alone or networked printer). These are actually plug-ins to usual desktop applications like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Microsoft , Excel R and other OS (operating systems) typically adapted by homes and offices for printing.

How does LeanPrint Technology promote and reduce printing costs? The software allows a preview of the final output before it is sent to the printer for processing. Through this technology, the user is given options to print using different approaches less amount of paper consumed in Super Saver Mode or  less toner consumed in Toner Saver mode. In addition, while the technology is on, it provides users a view on the actual savings generated, particularly on the amount of paper and toner used savings over days, months and even years when relying solely on this technology can be monitored as an incentive.

What can LeanPrint Technology contribute to the office printing cost saving initiatives? Wasteful printing practices are practically reduced if not totally stopped, as monitoring is thorough even among individual users and groups. Practical printing solutions are easily implemented – like pushing the idea of double-sided printing (duplex) across office personnel. On the other hand, office managers have the capability through the LeanPrint Technology to block conventional printing practices to reduce printing costs, optimize savings, and prevent all users from following wasteful printing practices.

How effective is the LeanPrint technology in terms of saving in printing costs? It may come as a surprise to many, but based on actual tests conducted, savings up to 40% is realized compared to conventional printing practices. In addition, the process is automatic so savings in printing cost is generated with the user not aware of it.

If your printing cost seems to be no longer bearable, try to look into the merits of the Adobe and Toshiba‘s software the cost miser, the LeanPrint Technology.

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