LaserJet Pro M1132: Causes for Light Print and Copies

The LaserJet Pro M1132 as a multifunction printer is expected to be in its finest performance and condition at all times. A disadvantage to this printer is once its toner cartridge is defective; the quality of scan and copy is affected. This is because it only uses one toner cartridge (HP CE285A) for all functions. However, when a user encounters print problems such as light prints, there are probably more causes of it.

Causes for Light Print and Copies

Toner cartridge: Empty toner cartridge – Frequent use of the LaserJet Pro M1132 also means rapid consumption of toner. This leads to low or empty toner level which in turn causes light prints. However, most users often forget this as the main culprit. Although the HP CE285A can yield up to 1,600 pages, the frequency of printing and higher toner density level can also affect toner usage.

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Defective toner cartridge – A defective cartridge not only causes light prints but also other common printing problems. This happens when a toner cartridge is not stored properly prior to its usage. Like other consumables and printing supplies, the toner cartridge should not be exposed to direct sunlight for it may cause the toner to dry out or leak.

Transfer roller: Defective transfer roller – The role of the transfer roller is to hold a charge opposite the toner drum so the toner is pulled off and transferred onto paper. The LaserJet Pro M1132 is a monochrome multifunction, which makes it more prone to defective transfer roller. This can cause light prints. However, the solution is only to wipe it off of dried out toner or vacuum clean. Be mindful that the transfer roller is composed of sensitive electrical wiring. Therefore, any liquid solution is strictly prohibited to be used as cleaner.

Loose or incorrectly positioned transfer roller – The printer part might not be defective. However, incorrect positioning can also cause light prints. The most common reason for this is the rollers’ clips are broken and stuck within the interior. To remove this, use the blue hook tool included in the transfer kit. If the tab and gear is broken, the fuser assembly needs replacing.

Power supply: Power supply – Electronic parts and power supply although rarely happens, can still cause light prints. A printer that uses high voltage power supply or low power supply also leads to numerous printing and system problems. However, whenever this problem occurs, seek a licensed technician. This can be solved by experts alone.

Printing problems such as light print on LaserJet Pro M1132 are inevitable. However, these can be stopped or delayed from recurring by knowing preventive measures and basic troubleshooting. To gain significant savings on consumables, use compatible HP CE285A toner cartridge and toner refills.

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