Laser Printer Review : Epson Aculaser CX11NF

When the EPSON Aculaser CX11NF Multi-function Color laser printer debuted in the U.S. market, it was basically aimed at small business users. The unit delivers decent looking laser prints at the fast print speed of 25 ppm for monochrome and 5 ppm for color texts and graphics while built with all the basic features one would look for in an all-in-one printer. Thus, it is perfect for small businesses and offices looking out for a printing solution (fax, copy, print, scan and duplex printing). Moreover, users will find the printer’s price tag really enticing.

Outfitted with a standard on board memory of 128 MB, the printer should be able to satisfactorily deliver all of the tasks required. However, for more complex print jobs, the memory can also be upgraded to 576 MB so that the printer will be able to service heavy network traffic. The user will just have to open the control panel using a screwdriver and plug-in the extra RAM memory into the reserved slot. The multi-pass print engine of the Aculaser CX11NF allows color prints to pass through on each of the four-color cartridges.

Perhaps, the only drawback to the Aculaser CX11NF multi-pass printer is that the user needs to rotate the carousel (where the print cartridges are mounted) to pull out empty cartridges and install its replacement. Although said task sequence is performed through the control panel, the additional step puts forth some form of inconvenience to the user.

Since toner cartridges come independent from the OPC Drum, the cost of the replacement toner cartridges should be cheaper compared to single pass printers. Each of the four-toner cartridges with part numbers 050189 (cyan), 050188 (magenta), 050187 (yellow), and 050190 (black), delivers a print capacity of 4,000 pages based on the Industry mandated standard of 5%.

However, printer owners who may find the OEM replacement toner cartridges cost restrictive still have other options. One is to patronize EPSON compatible toner cartridges that are similar in quality to its OEM counterpart. Another is to administer cartridge refills through Epson Aculaser toner refill kits, once cartridges have dried out of toner supply. These are sensible options since both aftermarket products are priced very much lower than OEMs. Nevertheless, similar print quality and yield is guaranteed.

Shelton Ethelbard is printer consumables proficient given his long stint in the retail of aftermarket printer consumables. View the link to learn more about the Epson CX11 compatible toner cartridge.

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