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Laser Printer Or Inkjets : Which Print Technology Is The Best?

Laser Printer Or Inkjets : Which Print Technology Is The Best?

The comparison between inkjets and laser printers has not ebbed a bit – if at all. And the race for the distinction of being recognized as the best print technology developed surges ahead. If print quality and vibrancy alone are the bases, inkjets may have the edge; but then again, this has been reproved by the print speed and cost of print per page (CPP) by laser printers. Besides, high volume print jobs that require pertinent finish, level of brightness, color variations and media for its output can always be contracted to professional printers equipped with the necessary machinery and technology.

Increased Replacement Consumable Expenditure for Inkjets

Cost is primarily a major stumbling block for many laser printers since upfront; a color laser printer will cost the user over $500 to acquire while the inkjet is available to budget constrained consumers for less than $100 only. But then again, it is no longer an industry secret of how OEMs of inkjet printers purposely sell their printer units at marginal profits or even at a loss; only to recoup said economic losses through the distribution of really pricey replacement inkjet cartridges. Common sense would tells us however that for the same volume of print jobs, an inkjet printer would consume around $27 weekly for the replacement of consumables as compared to the laser printer that moderately exhausts a $100 toner cartridge in a span of 5 to 6 months.

A more costly set up would be the use of an all-in-one ink tank that combines the 4 basic color (CMYK) inks into a single cartridge. So that when 1 color dries up, the user will be obliged to replace the entire tank in order to sustain the printout of full color outputs. Although there are compatible ink replacements available, do-it-yourself inkjet refills can be quite messy and if not properly handled, the tank may even bleed into the printout. Toner cartridges on the other hand are easier to refill and all the while affordable. Getting a rainbow kit will allow users to avail of supplementary toner refill kit discounts in line with the bundled purchase and save as much as 80% off the pricing of OEM toner cartridges.

Quality Printouts Are Best Produced by Laser Printers

The print quality of laser printed outputs cannot be duplicated even by high-end inkjet printers. Toner powder in laser printers is subjected to intense heat (at the rate of 210 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure through the fuser assembly; which allows toner particles to permanently bond wth paper. Therefore, it is without an iota of a doubt that smudging would never occur with laser printed copies. Inkjet printers rely heavily on its micron sized ink jets to spray ink on paper which would take a little while to dry. Though our modern day inks are devised to rapidly set in when applied to paper, still smudges appear on the printouts, putting beyond question that toner is really better than ink.

It would be sensible to say that even the top performing, high end inkjet printer will in no way beat a standard laser printer in terms of print quality for non-color business printing requirements. Moreover, long-term operation of the laser printer will actually result to reduced cost per page (CPP) as compared to the most efficient inkjet printer in the market.


To produce decent laser prints and yield at a reasonable price, refill OEM toner cartridges with toner refill kits. The toner refill kit line of Laser Tek Services is cheaper by as much as 80% than the prevailing retail price of OEM toner cartridges.

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