Laser Printer Or Inkjet printer?

The debate continues, as consumers try to struggle as to what type of printer fits particular printing requirements. Is the laser printer really better than an inkjet printer or vice versa? Let us try to decipher the several salient points that differentiate the 2 types of printers and decide what is best given the circumstances.

Inkjet versus Laser Printers

As a user you have finally pinned down all the printing requirements and all that is needed is to choose the right printer. Here goes;

  1. Technology. The laser printer utilizes fine powdered toner sprayed to a rotating photoreceptor drum to print on paper while an inkjet printer uses ink cartridges.
  2. Networking. This function can be readily arranged with most laser printers while an inkjet printer needs a computer system to link with the network.

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  1. Cost Parameters. Inkjet printers are well suited for inexpensive color printing. On the other hand, the use of laser printers can be considered more expensive given the cost of its consumables as well as its maintenance; but in the long run, use of laser printers will prove to be cheaper – particularly if the user has been oriented on the use of compatible toner to refill empty toner cartridges. Refills are also popular with inkjet cartridges.
  2. Print quality. No other printer can beat the laser printer in this category. Whether in color or black, the laser printer is far superior.
  3. Speed. The laser printer churns out more pages per minute than the inkjet printer. The average page turnover rate for laser printers is 12 ppm while the inkjet comes only at 7ppm.

Upfront, the laser printer costs more to acquire than an inkjet printer, but calculations to the effect reveal a different scenario. Inkjets print fewer pages per refill and in the long run printing costs tend to be much higher than laser printers.

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Is the laser printer better or does the inkjet printer appeal more to you? You decide!

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