Lanier Printers : Technically Advanced, Up To 15 Years Lifespans

While most laser printers are disposable and have a life expectancy of only three to five years, lanier printers prove to be finest, as they can last up to 10 to 15 years. It is incomparable to any line of printers available and offers a package of benefits to consumers in today tough economic times. Lanier printers are built with features so technically advanced that it might just never go outdated.

Exclusive from Ricoh. The printer manufacturer giant has acquired the sole rights to develop and produce lanier printers. Together with Savin and Gestetner, all these are similar printers distributed by Ricoh that are marketed under different names. The good thing about this printer is that the parts are continuously available and manufactured by Ricoh to support maintenance requirements. Users actually save from between 60% to 70% every time the printer is refurbished. This a huge savings compared to buying a new one following the three to five years life expectancy of mainstream printers. Users simply need to load the unit with compatible printer consumables to extend the benefit of savings.

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Multi-function Lanier printers are developed with batteries for multifunction features such as a digital copier, laser printer, document server, high-speed scanner, fax, and scan to e-mail. These features plus its network connectivity promotes efficient workflow and optimum productivity. The Lanier LD235 for instance, delivers printed documents at the rate of 35 to 45 pages per minute as it comes integrated with 128MB of system memory. This makes it fast and reliable even when printing the most intricate texts and graphics. All of these versatile features and performance capabilities are housed in a compact design that saves a lot of office space.

Ricoh assurance of steady consumable supply guarantees consumers that they will never run out of printer consumables such as toner cartridges, photo-conductor drums, fuser rollers and even the printer motherboard in case replacement becomes necessary. The OEM toner cartridge exclusively made for the Lanier LD235, costs over $100, but has a page yield of up to 30,000 based on its 5% coverage. Despite the high toner replacement cost, it delivers excellent print coverage, and has one of the lowest CPP (cost per page) of documents in the printing industry.

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Compatible toner products of Lanier printer consumables are not only distributed by Ricoh as you can also purchase them for half the price using reliable third party toner products. The 3010d compatible toner cartridge for this printer costs only $60, and it bears similar print coverage and print quality output as the OEM. This provides users an even lower CPP, giving a solid boost to the lanier printers already impressive performance and life expectancy.

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