KX-MC6040 Panasonic Printer Review

KX-MC6040 Panasonic Printer Review

There are several printer technologies available. Depending on modal print requirements, either the laser printer, inkjet or dot matrix printer will satisfy particular printer user needs. In addition, printers come in practically all shapes and sizes from small compact and single function units, to workgroup behemoths and photo printers; and down to multifunctional units geared for multi-tasking. As rule of thumb, a multifunction color laser printer will be suitable to users with print requirements that do not involve the print out of photos.

A set of user friendly features is a plus-factor and these should form part of the purchase decision. Nonetheless, the basic features of print speed and print quality should not be disregarded so as not to undermine volume and print quality requirements. Find below a rundown of the specifications of the multifunction KX MC6040 Panasonic printer.

Printer Specifications
The KX MC6040 operates with a modest print speed of 21 ppm (pages per minute) and offers flexibility of use. Users can print PDF, JPEG and TIFF files directly from e-mail and also process double-sided outputs with the printer’s built in duplexer. The MFP is also designed to serve a networked environment. Although slightly bulkier and heavier at 80 pounds, this Panasonic printer is bound to more than double production and workplace efficiency, making it the best printer in its class.

Copier Specifications
The KX MC6040 photocopies both color and monochrome documents at the speed of up to 21cpm and at a respectable resolution of 600 x 600dpi (dots per inch). The MFP can be programmed to enlarge, reduce and create multiple copies of up to 99 pages from the original copy.  It is also equipped with a collating function.

Scanner Specifications  
The Panasonic printer delivers an interpolated scanning capability of up to 9600 dpi. In addition, its integrated scanner can convert scanned pages to an editable file through its RedIris OCR software. It can also scan PC/e-mail without the need of a PC/FTP Server at a speed of around 21cpm.

Fax Specifications
The integrated fax transmits at the speed of 4 pages per minute on the average. This is courtesy of its G3 Fax Modem that operates at speeds of up to 33.6 kbps. Users can also preview incoming faxes through its built in preview function. And when it runs out of paper, the transmitted fax are stored in memory for printing at a later time. The device comes with an internal memory of 10MB.

Choosing the right multifunction color laser printer can be quite tricky in today’s market. Since laser printer technology is shared by manufacturers, all models and types exhibit comparative features. Choosing the best MFC printer can therefore be confusing given the many options available. However, the KX MC6040 stands out because of its user friendly features that have become a trademark of Panasonic printers. This makes Panasonic brand printers the most easy to use office device in its category.

Remember that for optimum reliability, pick the Panasonic KX MC6040. It is likely the best multifunction color laser printer available in the market today.

Photo by Stuart Miles

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