Kodak Flexcel NX System – How it aims to transform Morocco Printing Industry?

Morocco labels and flexible packaging market is poised for growth as seen by DirectPrint, a reputable establishment in Casablanca. One of the competing technologies that could spur growth is flexography printing. And seeing the potential DirectPrint together with Amigraph has just installed the Kodak Flexcel NX System.

Kodak and DirectPrint Partnership. Why Kodak? According to Younes Benchekroun managing director of DirectPrint “When developing our investment plans into the flexo printing industry we realized, very quickly, that Kodak flexo solutions help deliver high-impact flexible packaging with accurate brand colours across all substrates, through any printing process, somehow even complementing our existing production set-up.”

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But what attracted DirectPrint to work with Kodak is due to the latter’s strong determination to deliver on quality and efficiency, a complete package from prepress to press. In effect, this is giving DirectPress the business momentum to diversify and grow. Applying these new technologies in printing reinforces the Company reputation of providing customers high-quality print service.

Flexography Printing. Why flexography printing could possibly change Morocco printing Industry landscape? Flexography is not a new technology and basically a printing process that makes use of a flexible relief plate. While It is an upgrade to the letterpress, flexo technology utilizes digital imaging technology so it can be tweaked to print on practically all types of substrate plastic, metallic films, cellophane and paper.

In a printing world harmonized by limitations, the Kodak Flexcel NX System alternately becomes a game changer. Infused with emerging new technologies, the Flexcel System delivers supported advancements to raise production efficiency, stability, image quality and predictability during preparation and in printing. As what happens in 50 other countries, flexography printing System drives the transformation of the printing industry.

Kodak Flexo NX System. Its installation in Morocco is actually the first in North Africa. The introduction of flexography printing in Morocco is part of Kodak strategy to increase focus and expand its foothold. As the market expands in the French speaking country, valuable experience can be gained in flexography printing. This will provide Kodak more windows of opportunity to showcase its perceived new technologies as the market grows.

Photo by: flexoplates.org

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