Is There A Printer That Doesn’t Waste Ink?

Is There A Printer That Doesnt Waste Ink

All types of printers, waste ink. However the degree of printer ink waste is not endemic to all. Some printers can print up to 75% of what is supplied with the cartridge. Most printers can only deliver up to 30% or 40% of published yields. In a recently published study, 2013 Consumer Reports revealed that printers seldom used tend to waste a lot of ink. This observation is correct because print heads clog over time and use up a lot of ink to clean. This applies mostly to aqueous (water) ink and doesn’t include printers that run on solvent based inks. The study further points out that from the battery of printers tested for intermittent printing, Brother printers top them all as the most frugal.

Why do Printers Waste Ink?

Intermittent use of Printers Wastes a lot of Ink with small businesses and personal printers shouldering the brunt. Printer ink waste is prevalent in said settings because print jobs are not continuous but rather intermittent. This refers to printing two pages at a time and probably using only four sets of it a day. A practice that leaves the printer idle most of the time and naturally allows ink to dry in the print head nozzles. Remember that inkjets in nozzles are so minute that clogs are apt to happen. And once the print head clogs, a portion of the ink remaining in the cartridge is used automatically to relieve the nozzles of congestion. In the long run, more ink is used to maintain the integrity of the print head as compared to what is actually used in the turn out of print jobs.

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How to Save on Printer Ink? Recycle cartridges.

Generating savings from the use of printer ink is an almost impossible proposition. Printer manufacturers pinned their revenues on the distribution of cartridges. Even though the cost has not skyrocketed, the volume of ink in cartridges has been considerably reduced to as much as 90%.

One way to drastically cut printing expense is to reuse OEM supplies. Did you know that OEM ink cartridges can be refilled three to four number of times? And each time users save as much as 80% which could be substantial if you refill four times. Or maybe if the user is not comfortable with refilling the cartridge himself , compatible ink cartridges can provide 30% to 40% savings compared to the OEM. Consider that alternative supplies follow similar production processes and just like the OEM, guarantee that there will be no difference in print quality.

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Remember, there is no such printer that doesn’t waste ink and printer ink waste is expected in intermittent printing. But you have options at your disposal to save on printing costs.

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