Instant-On-Fuser: No More Warm-Up Time For Laser Printers!

Instant-On-Fuser No More Warm-Up Time For Laser Printers

It takes at least 20 to 30 seconds of warm-up time for laser printers to initialize under a conventional fuserLaser printers require that much time to heat up the fuser assembly. Once the required temperature is reached, only then can toner particles properly fuse to paper fibers. If the user is in a hurry or just needs to print a couple of pages, even a 10 second warm up time can be a long wait. Initial start up times have since then been eliminated with the recent introduction of the Instant-On-Fuser.

Design Enhancements. The Instant-On-Fuser is an upgrade to the traditional fuser. Laser printer fuser assemblies of this type come with an overhauled upper roller design that now has a film fixing assembly installed to spin around the aluminum core as it rotates. The heating element was also replaced €“ from the conventional halogen lamp to a metal strip. Installed inside the metal strip is the thermistor. These modifications were obviously implemented to protect the sensitive device from laser toner contamination that could impair its reliability as a heat sensor.

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Physical Properties. The Instant-On-Fuser€™s film fixing assembly is made-up of thin plastic; with its tube fabricated from a special type of polymer that undergoes an extraordinary extrusion process. What is special about the film fixing assembly is its low latent heat characteristic that makes possible the immediate climb to desired fusing temperature after the heating element is activated.

The thin plastic film is coated with a special lubricant that allows it to move smoothly while the aluminum core rotates. The lubricant is designed to withstand sustained heat and pressure prevalent during the printing process. Moreover, the substance is hard wearing and would therefore not break down after a few months of laser printer operation. The thin plastic film and lubricant is however not sold separately. The user is obliged to purchase the entire fuser laser printer assembly.

Printing Application. The Instant-On-Fuser is a design innovation introduced by Canon and was initially implemented with most Canon and some Hewlett Packard laser printer models. The new fuser laser printer assembly has drastically changed user perception on first page out times or the time it takes for a laser printer to deliver the initial printout from start up. Moreover, this new technology has routinely improved toner adhesion to paper/media. This then puts to rest fuser related print issues such as flaking out prints and shifted concern towards print quality that is dictated by laser toner.

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In the end, if the user is not satisfied with the laser printer€™s first page time out print speed, then it should be replaced with a model that operates on Instant-On-Fuser technology. Say goodbye to warm up times, once and for all.

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