Inkjet Or Laser Toner Cartridge : What’s Best For A Graphic Design Printer?

Inkjet Or Laser Toner Cartridge What's Best For A Graphic Design Printer

Graphic design is no longer restricted to print shops because print jobs, particularly if not as huge as imagined, can now be executed in-house. This condition also exists if outsourcing is not an option due to budget constraints. In that case, the in-house printer has to shoulder the brunt of graphic printing jobs. However, the question is whether the office printer can handle the job. And the answer is yes! That is if it is classified as a graphic design printer, then jobs of this type can easily be consummated. Nonetheless, the best printer for graphic designers is a toss between a model that operates on inkjet cartridges and another that runs on laser toner cartridges; whichever is more attuned to the print jobs to be processed.

Which is better then, a graphic design printer that loads on an inkjet cartridge or one with a laser toner cartridge? The choice is really a hard bargain because both can do the job perfectly and turn out an almost similar print quality. However, some aspects of the printing requirements can be the gauge that should dictate the choice of the best printer for graphic designers and some of them are listed below.

  • Printing frequency; if the printer is intended for home or office use, then the best graphic printer for this type of application is an inkjet printer.
  • Printing volume; for voluminous printing, the laser printer will be the best choice because it can deliver thousands of pages on a single load of laser toner cartridge. Durability of the printer sits well with this type of printing volume having been designed with very high monthly duty cycle.
  • Printing speed; as a single printed page from an inkjet can take several minutes to finish, it will not be as productive as a laser printer, which is capable of delivering 40 to 50 printed pages per minute.
  • Photo printing; the best graphic printer for this type of application will be an inkjet no laser printer can come close to the quality even how technically advanced it may be.
  • Replacement consumable cost; when printing volume is very low, an inkjet printer will be the ideal choice. However, if printing volume is high, prints delivered by laser printers are the cheapest in the industry.
  • Printer cost; the best printer for graphic designers will not necessarily be expensive. Cheap inkjet can be as effective as a high prized laser printer.

The best printer for graphic designers is really a toss-up between prints delivered by an inkjet cartridge or a laser toner cartridge. But as previously stated, only the printing requirement and application can dictate and narrow down the choice of what will be the best graphic design printer.

Remember, picking out the graphic design printer for a particular application must not be a comparison between an inkjet cartridge and a laser toner cartridge, but on how it can deliver in-house prints efficiently.

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