India Laser Printer News: Xerox to supply cartridges to HP and Canon printers?

Strange as it may sound but Xerox is supplying OEM laser toner cartridges for HP and Canon printers, at least in India alone. This report is confirmed to consumers by Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director, Technology Channels International Distributor Operations, Xerox India.

This partnership has been devised to revolutionize the toner refilling market: After decades of continuous existence the toner refilling market is still in the developing stage and nowhere has injected consumer confidence significantly. With the entry of Xerox, it would not only revolutionize the toner refilling Industry. This arrangement would make the replacement of toner cartridges as economical, easy or even cheaper than refilled consumables.

Big savings to consumers without sacrificing quality: The consumables with authentic Xerox markings will be available for multiple printer brands. Xerox is tried and tested across businesses in 40 countries globally and is engaging a similar value proposition for India. This will indeed bring forth unparalleled consumer confidence, deliver good savings to consumers without sacrificing print quality. To make the idea work efficiently, Xerox has Flipkart as its local partner.

How will the partnership work? The idea is really to put across 200 cities in India channel networks. Xerox believes that the business can only thrive if the channel network is existing to cater to the marketing initiatives. To keep it in cadence, channel networks need to be strengthened, well equipped and personnel trained to handle all marketing concerns. But most of all, Xerox must keep all channel networks happy, contented and growing parallel to the expected growth of the company.

What would interest a consumer to use Xerox cartridges instead of the OEM? The foremost consideration is the cost of the product, being almost similar to the refilled ones. Second, Xerox is a trusted name and so that customers will be assured of the cartridge’s performance in terms of print quality and yield – not to mention its technical stability. Consumers will definitely pick the consumable that delivers more value for his money.

Will HP and Canon not mind? Remember, the target HP and Canon printers are over a year old and outside of the warranty period. The OEM company cannot overreach and impose restrictions, they can only offer competition.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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