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In House Printing : Take The Xante Ilumina 502 And Toner Refill Kit Duo

As the US business climate is gradually showing signs of recovery, big name corporations are now working to rebuild their financial infrastructure. One important issue affecting any U.S. business entity involves corporate printing expenditures that could eat up a decent share of operational expenses. Corporate printing expenditures take a leap in the production of inter-office memorandum, reports, and marketing materials that would likely hit an astounding figure if not handled prudently. Before the economic downturn, print jobs such as marketing brochures, product packaging, and even business cards have been outsourced. But in line with reduced economic activity, companies are turning towards In-House Printing as a way to manage printing expenses.

In-House Printing becomes necessary as businesses are just starting to rise from the ashes and could therefore not really afford to stock up on brochures, packaging and several other collaterals. Most businesses often produce printed materials on an as-needed basis. To this end, in-house printing becomes a sensible option. In line with this urgent need, the Xante Ilumina 502 Digital Color Press can effectively fill the void and deliver astonishing printouts on any medium of up to 502 gsm and along affordable cost parameters. This is a proven fact, because whether a print job involves 50, 100 or even 1,000 pages; the cost per page (CPP) stays the same with the Xante Ilumina 502 – unlike local printers where CPP drops only once a particular print volume is reached. This makes the total cost of the print job restrictive.Another approach that could drastically pull down printing expenditures is the use of Xante Ilumina toner refill kits. Compatible toner supplied with toner refill kits replenishes an empty cartridge’s toner supply. The simple refill procedure can help extend the serviceable life of a Xante Ilumina cartridge by up to 3 print cycles.

The bundled cost of the OEM monochrome and color toner cartridges is a little over $1,000 for an expected yield of around 15,000 pages at the industry yardstick of 5% coverage. Meanwhile, the rainbow pack of a 100% compatible toner refill kit is available for only around $300. This cuts color printing expense by as much as 70% without sacrificing print quality and yield. Ultimately, the use of toner refill kits on an empty 502 OEM cartridge will prove beneficial for business entities shifting towards the use of the Xante Ilumina Digital Color Press.

In the end, shifting to compatibles such as the Xante Ilumina toner refill kit for in-house print jobs is one practical way of managing burgeoning business printing expenditures.

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