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HP Toner Cartridges : Difficult To Remanufacture But Easy To Refill

HP toner cartridges can be thought of as remanufacturing averse. Now what makes me say this stems from the intricate design of its cartridge units! For one, the absence of a fill hole in its design prevents the conduct of convenient toner refill kits unlike Brother and Samsung toner cartridges. On the other hand, a waste chamber is incorporated into the HP cartridge unit. While hard to tinker given its small size, the waste chamber is tightly glued with other cartridge parts such as the drum, blades and wipers. This way, the user needs to break apart the cartridge to remanufacture it. Moreover, the waste chamber requires cleaning prior to toner supply replenishment which adds a step or two into the refill process.

Difficult to Remanufacture

Given the design of HP cartridges such as the Q6000A, Q6001A, Q6002A and Q6003A of the HP Laserjet 2600 series; remanufacturing it can be quite of a challenge as remanufacturers need to handle pertinent parts carefully when cleaning or replacing the OPC drum and blade, as well as in its reassembly to the waste chamber in order to prevent print quality defects and waste toner overflow. Good thing an entire replacement waste chamber set is now available. But then again, the remanufacture of HP cartridges is best left in the hands of cartridge remanufacturers.

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Easy to Refill

Performing cartridge refills however is something any regular laser printer user can undertake to save on laser printing costs. The color cartridges of the HP 2600 laser printer can easily be loaded with fresh toner supply by melting holes on pertinent cartridge sections to expose the toner supply chamber and waste chamber and after conducting a few maintenance procedures. The user only needs to secure an HP 2600 toner refill kit, a refill tool and electrical tape to perform do-it-yourself refills.

toner refill kits.

The refill process includes the (1) clean up of the waste and toner supply chambers (2) refill of the supply chamber and (3) Replacement of Reset Chip. All these will be explained in detail in a succeeding post.

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