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HP Smart Install Technology : An Upgrade To The Energy Star

Just when consumers think of laser printers that carry an ENERGY STAR rating as the end all in terms of energy efficiency, HP introduced the Smart Install technology. Under an Energy Star classification, printers are programmed to automatically switch from printing mode to standby mode in between print jobs. This mechanism helped minimize energy consumption since all of the unit’s electrical devices are shut-off when the unit is on standby mode; except for the fuser assembly that continues to consume energy.

The fuser assembly needs to be continuously warmed up in order to respond immediately to incoming data stream. This way, print speed will not be compromised, particularly for prints produced following the standby phase. However if print jobs come far in between, an Energy Star rated laser printer switches to sleep mode which further cuts energy consumption. At sleep mode, the electronic device activating the printer is the only mechanism consuming electrical power. This energy use sequence eventually reduces energy consumption by as much as 30% to 35% that is already significant when printer is used in an 8 hour cycle. When the printer is in sleep mode, it takes a longer time to laboriously print a document because the fuser assembly cannot jumpstart heating. Thus initial print speed retards right after the printer is activated from sleep mode. For this limitation, Hewlett Packard has developed a solution through the release of its SMART INSTALL Technology.

With SMART INSTALL, energy use is curtailed by as much as 72% that is lesser by more than twice the average consumption for Energy Star classified laser printers. The SMART INSTALL Technology is really a breakthrough in printer energy efficiency design a moniker for the most energy efficient laser printer on the planet. The heart of the new technology is HP’s Auto-On / Auto-Off device that intelligently monitors printing activity. The device automatically activates the laser printer from OFF mode once data stream is forwarded to the printer unit; consequently adjusts power setting and automatically turns the printer off once print activity ceases. The potential reason why SMART INSTALL technology is integrated into the system is HP advanced fuser heating element. HP has consistently developed a heating element (fuser) that rapidly heats-up and technically brings heating time to almost nil. Therefore, when the printer is activated from OFF Mode, print jobs are automatically printed without any observed waiting time. The ultimate result is maximum reduction in energy use.  In the end, laser printers operating under the patented HP SMART INSTALL Technology are more energy efficient than Energy Star rated printers.


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