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HP Planet Partners : Extensive Recycling Options For HP Cartridge Users

HP Planet Partners : Extensive Recycling Options For HP Cartridge Users

Try to get hold of a used, toner-empty OEM toner cartridge and you will likely conclude that given the proper care and attention, the cartridge unit can last forever. The plastic carcass of the cartridge is designed as such to survive any form of mishandling; unless of course if deliberately whacked with a hammer. But then again, printer manufacturers installed inferior imaging components into the system to render the cartridge good for a single printing cycle only; or perhaps just until the accompanying toner runs dry. Even then, third party manufacturers have devised methods to extend the life cycle of toner cartridges for up to 3 or 4 times through the development and distribution of compatible toner refill kits.

Now that conservation efforts are spreading worldwide like wild fire, leading printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard is spearheading the recall of majority of used hardware and accessories (particularly toner cartridges) to HP’s state-of-the-art recycling. This is to make sure that said electronic devices are recycled responsibly. Through HP Planet Partners, empty HP toner cartridges can be returned for recycling through the following options:

Inspect the packaging of genuine HP LaserJet cartridges (only for recyclable cartridges) for prepaid return labels that can be used to return such cartridges to HP once it dries up.

As part of HP Planet Partners program, used HP toner cartridges can also be returned via HP’s sanctioned recycling outlets that serve as collection points for used consumables. This is in addition to several recycling options now in operation.

As majority of HP consumers bring along their empty toner cartridges when purchasing a replacement, in-store recycling options is now offered at retail locations such as Staples. HP’s retail recycling program is intended to provide additional free and convenient return options to its customers.

HP and Staples are now giving customers Staples Rewards of $3 for each toner cartridge recycled. And as the 12th America Recycles Day approaches, additional incentives and cash rewards await consumers who patronize HP’s in-house recycling option.

For free, postage paid-return options including return envelopes, bulk collection boxes and printable labels for all HP LaserJet toner cartridges, consumers are advised to visit www.hp.com/recycle for more details.

Since the inception of HP Planet Partners, HP has achieved a milestone in corporate responsibility through the recycling of more than 250 million print cartridges worldwide. Today HP’s recycling program is existing and operational in over 47 countries, regions and territories around the globe. And in anticipation of increased recycling response from consumers, HP is expanding its North American cartridge recycling facility to over 7,500 square meters to improve its efficiency and productivity.”

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