HP ePrint : Learn About The Latest Breakthrough In Cloud Printing Solutions

HP ePrint Learn About The Latest Breakthrough In Cloud Printing Solutions

Whenever cloud printing comes to mind, the HP ePrint is the reliable alternative. It comes with a portfolio of printing solutions devised to directly access mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets etc. The rise of this segment in the computing industry has already revitalized the traditional cellular phones to serve as vital access tools in the information highway. Of course, this access protocol is only available to compatible devices like HP ePrint printers the latest of which is the HP Envy 110e printer.

What is HP ePrint cloud printing solution? This is an HP enabling firmware that allows any mobile device to directly access cloud printing. For instance, a meeting is about to take place. You are still away from the office and documents are needed for a presentation. To avoid delays, you can use the cloud printing capability of your mobile device to send the file to the HP Envy 110e printer and instruct the printing of the document so that it becomes ready when you come in for the meeting. It is a simple and amazing breakthrough in technology, particularly for busy executives who are always on the go; however, such capability is only available through the office HP ePrint printers.

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How does one set-up the HP ePrint cloud printing solution? First, the cloud ware printing device must be registered with HP’S public ePrint cloud print server. The HP center issues and assigns a unique e-mail address for the HP ePrint printer or any compatible device. With this access protocol completed, cloud printing is as simple as sending an e-mail to the device. This is a driver-less solution. Plain data is sent to the HP€™S ePrint cloud where the data is reprocessed to a suitable data stream (PCL or PostScript) and received by a compatible device such as the HP Envy 110e printer.

How does the HP ePrint cloud printing system works? As intimated earlier, cloud printing uses e-mail services that enable smartphones and other mobile devices to directly submit a print job to an HP ePrint printer. If the e-mail involves one or more attachments, the HP ePrint cloud server sorts them individually and transforms the data into a stream for the entire print job. Thus, cloud printing is the simple solution, provided you are hooked to the HP cloud server and to the HP Envy 110e printer. This way,issues about compatibility are resolved.

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Next time you are on the road and require constant communication with your office, make sure your mobile devices are hooked to the HP cloud server.

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