HP Envy 110E All-In-One Printer : What Makes It Better Than The HP Envy 100 Printer?

The HP Envy 110e all-in-one printer takes its lead from the HP Envy 100, which was one of the giveaways at the popular Ellen DeGeneres 12 Days of Giveaways Show, but is now rehashed to improve performance. Of course, the stylish features and sense of elegance that made the HP Envy 100 printer a stunner have been retained in the Envy 110. In addition, to sustain the print quality expected from the Envy series printers, HP has considerably sustained supply of HP inkjet cartridges to meet user demand squarely.

As an MFP or multi-function printer, the HP Envy 110e all-in-one printer performs typical AIO functions such as scan, print as well as scan to e-mail. However, the distinguishing new feature is the device’s capability to send and receive e-mail without the need of a phone line. This feature is possible with the built-in support for e-fax, a third party service that allows users to send and receive up to 20 freefax messages. Each 110 printer is assigned an e-fax phone number that processes messages through the Internet and directsthem to the receiver printer. Sent or received e-mails of up to 20 for both are free, but if the limit is exceeded, users need to subscribe to the service provider and sustain minimum fees.

Other features of the HP Envy 110e all-in-one printer that makes it totally an improved version of the HP Envy 100 printer includes provisions for speed, print quality, the revolutionary HP inkjet cartridges and more.

Improved print speed. Despite having a similar print engine with the HP Envy 100 printer, the 110 operates at slightly higher print speeds at 7ppm (pages per minute) for color and 4ppm for monochrome. This is a healthy improvement because it took only 7 minutes and 22 seconds to print a typical version of a business application suite, compared to the 7 minutes and 35 seconds recorded from the previous model.

Improved print quality.Thanks to the two-cartridge system, black and multi-colorHP inkjet cartridges, the print quality is excellent. The resulting output is best for schoolwork and internal communications for businesses including power point handouts, which is typical for an inkjet printer that delivers superior visual impression.

Improved visual aesthetics. The HP Envy 100 printer may have edged all the other models when it was introduced, but the HP Envy 110 is something else. While built on the looks of the HP Envy 100 printer, the 110 aesthetics exceeds its predecessor nonetheless to become the most visually appealing consumer product in its category.

HP technology is best shown in the design of the inkjet printer and HP inkjet cartridges, a commitment that helped raise global print quality standards.

Therefore, next time you need to upgrade the inkjet printer, look and consider adding the HP Envy 110e all-in-one printer into the fleet of office or home printers.

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