HP Envy 100 Inkjet Printer : Why It’s The Hottest Home Printer This Holiday Season?

When an inkjet printer such as the HP Envy 100e all-in-one D410a becomes one of the giveaways in the popular Ellen Degeneres 12 Days of Giveaways and then gets labeled as among the “hottest gadgets on the planet,” then there must really be something special about this latest HP Envy 100 printer series model that is worthy of a post.

The inclusion of the new HP Envy 100 printer series model into the roster of prizes in the annual Ellen Degeneres 12 Days of Giveaways is already a feather on the cap for this gadget released by printer giant Hewlett Packard.  After all, popular daytime television shows do not just pick any product that comes to mind and out of a whim. Products featured as giveaways or prizes are chosen because of it being the top in the field.

Below is a rundown of the printer top features that should put to awe discriminating home printer users.

Direct from web printing. The HP Envy 100e printer can be used to access and print any custom sized, web-based application for maps, greeting cards and many more much like it can be used to scan and copy documents and images.

First PVC-free printer in the world. While most inkjets still add PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to improve print quality turnout, the new HP Envy 100 printer series model is a breakthrough since it was devised free of the substance that is classified as health hazard (when inhaled substantially) and pollutant.

Wireless Connectivity. The HP Envy 100e printer is network capable so that multiple PCs can actually share and print using the HP integrated wireless system. Or perhaps print across town or across the room, since the printer has the capability to serve the printing demands of the user even far away from the printer.

User Friendly and Convenient. Users can also print directly from compact flash cards without engaging the PC by simply configuring the memory card slots and touch screen. And to those freaky about the printing process, a simple touch of the high-resolution display produces the printout that one actually sees on the screen.

Advanced Inkjet Formula. This HP Envy 100 printer series model is high-end technically for it can deliver lab-quality photos that dry up instantaneously right out of the printer. The HP inkjet ink formulation is so advanced that photographs becomes fade resistant as it is envisioned to last for generations. This can also be expected of compatible HP inkjet ink cartridges.

Mentioned are just some of the basic features of the HP Envy 100e Printer. It is considered the best in its class because it defies all printing inconsistencies to come up with the most stunning color printouts. Besides, the folks behind the Ellen Degeneres12 Days of Giveaways won’t include the new HP Envy 100 Printer series model into its roster of giveaways if it falls short of expectation.

Amazon.com is the official HP Envy 100e Printer reseller outlet, and interested consumers can actually get the product for around $200.

Photo credit: makipapa / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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