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HP Compatible Toner Refill Kits : Helps Reduce Printing Costs For Small Medium Sized Businesses

Emerging printer toner technologies continued to evolve despite the challenges of the global financial crisis. This gave fresh assurance to Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) that are out to redeem lost business opportunities. SMBs serve as the pulse of the economy, thereby indicating present economic conditions. Among the major expense items confronting SMBs today are business printing expenses that actually eat up at least 3% of annual revenues. The periodic purchase of printer consumables such as toner and ink cartridges – particularly for businesses with high print volume requirements, can significantly affect bottom lines each month. Nonetheless, the emergence of moderate priced printer consumables from the aftermarket surely helped SMBs streamline expenditures, allocate funds to revenue earning activities and prepare for upcoming growth. This will in turn increase productivity, define collaboration alternatives, reduce wholly environmental impact and to a degree, offer broader flexibility as these business units now rely on new found technology to prepare for the expected economic turnaround.

Leading the pack is industry giant Hewlett Packard and its LaserJet laser printer series. An advocate of SMBs, HP in fact packaged its Laserjet printers with print management tools that would help trim printing costs and reduce energy use. These are features deemed useful to small and medium sized enterprises. Since its introduction in1994, the Laserjet series has generated unprecedented consumer loyalty to the brand; given the over 35 million units sold worldwide. In fact, industry impresarios label HP LaserJet’s success as one for the books; among the great computer industry accomplishment stories. This is really a true assessment of success since many technology companies and their respective product lines have come and gone over the last quarter of the century. Yet HP continues to surge ahead, despite the fierce competitive environment, and everybody classifies this feat by HP as one of the greatest business triumphs in the high-tech revolution.

Running on the same wheels of success are aftermarket consumables – particularly toner refill kits. These third party printer consumables are actually DIY (do it yourself kits) toner refill products. The kit comes supplied with compatible toner which serves as an alternative to expensive OEM toner found in cartridges. Replenishment of the toner chamber’s toner supply extends the serviceable life of cartridges by as much as 3 printing cycles. Moreover, the refill of empty toner cartridges favorably stirs user consciousness as it delivers a clear signal towards the preservation of our shrinking non-renewable resources and the environment. And so with the simple recycling of OEM toner cartridges, the release of CO2 into the air is minimized. Manufacturing 100 toner cartridges releases around one metric ton of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere which is equivalent to a Boeing 747 cruising on an eight-hour extended trip covering 5,000 miles more than the regular New York to Paris flight at only 3,626 miles.

SMBs can rely on the toner refill kits for their printing requirement because it has been engineered to duplicate the printing capability of the OEM toner in terms of print quality and yield. HP toner refill kits should give SMBs a double thumbs-up because it generates savings of up to 90% the retail price of a regular toner cartridge – that is on top of the cost-saving features available with HP LaserJet printers.


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