HP Autonomy eDiscovery Platform Extends to Cloud

HP Autonomy eDiscovery is a technology service that helps review, process, assess and produce digital data. It has been around for years and has since provided professionals and business owners a cost-effective solution in handling important data. This year, HP has decided to extend the platform to cloud to make it more convenient for business owners and professionals in managing and digitalizing all forms of data.

The eDiscovery OnDemand has advance tools and functionalities which can be accessed through secure web connectivity. The full outsource functionalities and user-friendly interface help resolve even the most complex data in all sizes. Some of the services offered include social media and content archiving, review and production of digital evidences, tagging, designating, coding, and presentation of tools. Software and other installations are unnecessary. Additionally, the service supports unlimited number of users with no minimum or maximum size of data. Everything can be accessed through web. Simply upload the data. Moreover, its price is clear-cut – no worries about hidden charges.

HP aims to provide a faster, more precise yet cost-effective online service that targets law firms, small and mid-scale businesses. In law firms, the increase in complexity of gathering data to be reviewed, produced and assessed in a short span of time subsequently results in extensive errors or delays in procuring digital evidences for litigations. This is in addition to multi-party collaboration within and outside the organization.

eDiscovery is a market-leading service that is proven secure, fast ,and cost-efficient. Unlike the traditional IT system which controls and limits and likewise responsible for maintaining and installing software for data digitization. However, this old method poses risks for system failure and information loss caused by data sharing. And the cost is hefty due to the increased volume of information.

Mike Sullivan, general manager, eDiscovery and Information Archiving, HP Autonomy was quoted saying Organizations are rethinking how they perform eDiscovery and are increasingly looking to cloud-based technologies to take advantage of the simplicity, economies of scale, efficiency and security that these solutions offer. eDiscovery has since addressed these problems and provided solutions in an improved digital platform which offers pre-established templates, on-demand document upload and processing, analysis/ECA, and end-to-end functionality.

With the extension of HP Autonomy eDiscovery OnDemand in cloud, professionals now have a time-saving and cost-effective method of handling data.

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