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HP 2600N Laser Printer: Resolving Print Quality Issues

HP 2600N Laser Printer Resolving Print Quality Issues

Like most color laser printers, the HP 2600n is no exception as it has had its share of print quality issues. However, unlike other laser printer manufacturers, HP supplied solutions to nagging quality concerns to help its customer base. Most of these issues have ready solutions built into the laser printer unit. The user will simply have to access the printer’s control panel where a few touches of a button will automatically resolve printing troubles.

Print quality issues are numerous, but lets try to take a few defects one at a time and present the solutions or steps necessary to correct those. These defects may be commonplace with printouts but can be a bit annoying when these manifest regularly. Remember that all laser printers have print defect issues, and solutions or recommendations to address such will vary from one printer to the next. Print is light or faded. Faded prints likely result from the use of media (paper) that do not meet HP 2600n specifications. This can easily be resolved by replacing media used with paper specified by the printer. The same defect can also be caused by low toner supply involving one or more toner cartridges
. Note that the supply monitor is disabled when cartridges refilled by toner refill kits are loaded into the printer. Thus, the user needs to manually inspect each cartridge and determine which is due for replenishment or replacement. However if toner supply is not the issue, the user will have to check the cartridge’s roller for any sign of damage. If the roller is indeed damaged, then replacing the defective toner cartridge becomes necessary.

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Toner specks over printouts. This is again due to incorrect use of media (paper) that do not meet the specifications of the HP 2600n laser printer. Or this could also ensue from a dirt ridden paper path which can be cleaned easily by accessing the HP Toolbox online help.

Dropouts. Dropouts that appear on the printout could be due to defective paper where the only remedy is to do a reprint of the page in question. Another cause for dropouts is the moisture content of paper. Print quality defects could materialize when paper surface is uneven and with moist spots as well. The ready solution is to use high-quality paper intended solely for color laser printing.

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These are just a few of the several print defects users normally encounter in the course of laser printing. And since color laser printing is really expensive, users have the option of using compatible toner to cut back on printing expenses.

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