HP 2600N : Know The Laser Printer Energy Operating Costs

The HP 2600n LaserJet desktop printer is probably one of the most energy efficient laser printers now in use with households and offices. While most desktop printers consume over 700 watts of energy when in full printing mode, the HP 2600n operates only at a rate of 190 watts whether producing monochrome or color prints. Moreover, the printer unit consumes only 16 watts of energy in standby mode and zero energy is utilized during sleep mode. However, the computation of actual energy consumption for the HP 2600 remains as a puzzle to geeks since energy expended is reckoned based on how the laser printer is used during a pre-set time period. Laser printer operation fluctuates from high-peak periods to periods of inactivity, which is punctuated only by the daily printing load.

The laser printer is not like the metal halide flood lamps used in sports arenas since power consumption is constant for the entire duration of the game. Say each lamp is rated at 340 watts and that around 1000 lamps are utilized to light up the arena, the lamps will consume as much as 340 kilowatts per hour and within an 8-hour period the average consumption is 2,720 kilowatts of energy. And if the venue is New York City, the cost to light up the sports arena would likely be around $400. Now let us assume that the HP 2600 laser printer will be in constant operation during an 8-hour work period so that the average consumption will be 1.52 kilowatt or roughly $0.23 for the entire day of printing, around $6.84 for the entire month and $80 at years end. Certainly the cost will be lower since the laser printer encounters brief periods of inactivity as the unit switches automatically to standby mode and eventually to sleep mode following the run of print jobs.When it comes to energy consumption, the HP 2600n is a power miser, and the design of the replacement Q6000A black toner cartridge is also patterned after the printer energy saving specifications. Color printing is really expensive. The monochrome replacement cartridge for the HP 2600n is retailed at $70 and pricing is similar for the 3 other color cartridges. The monochrome cartridge comes with a yield rating of 2,500 pages at 5% page coverage while the remaining cartridges are rated at 2,000 pages.However consumers can reduce color-printing expenditure by refilling empty toner cartridges with compatible toner. Compatible toner for the Q6000A comes packaged with the HP 2600 toner refill kit. The third party consumable is sold online for only $23 but then again, the cartridges refilled with its supply toner can deliver OEM quality prints and yield.

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