How To Set An AirPrint Enabled Printer For Printing

Cloud printing technology has become synonymous with Apple mobile devices through the iOS operating system that allows individual users to send messages to the printer and instruct printing in remote locations. This is a next generation print architecture that typically eliminates the use of printer drivers. However, this application is available only to AirPrint enabled printers since only AirPrint supported printers are provided with unique print technology to connect to an Apple iPad 2ndgeneration for instance, or other Apple based mobile devices.

What is an Apple AirPrint enabled printer’s practical application? Practical use of the AirPrint technology varies depending on the degree by which it is allowed to operate. For instance, you are on vacation at a tourist destination in Asia and found a very stunning oriental landscape that you want to share. Snap and shoot using your iPhone or even through the VGA camera of the  iPad 2nd generation and send to any AirPrint supported printers for the turn out of hard copies. And in cases where troubleshooting is necessary, AirPrint technology can be used to send the information so consultants from the other side of the globe can give a solution.

How does one avail of the Apple AirPrint services? For Apple iPad 2nd generation and other Apple devices, users will only need to know if the device is running with the latest version of the iOS and check if the printer is also compatible.

  • For AirPrint enabled printers, check further if it has the latest firmware installed examine closely with the printers specifications or better yet call the printer vendor for the needed support, particularly on the process on how to connect the AirPrint supported printer into the network.
  • Check with the printer vendor all the features that will be missed once the AirPrint application is running. This is important because the user should know if the different paper trays can be activated as well as the various printer features so the printer can be directed to use special paper on photos and so on.
  • Also be aware that AirPrint works only with a WiFi network connection. Therefore, if the printer is connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth or other wireless systems, the print technology will simply not work.

As of the moment, only twelve printers are compatible with the AirPrint system, so try to examine closely the specs of the printer you intend to purchase and ascertain if it indeed is set up with the cloud printing application. Most AirPrint enabled printer types are classified as coming from HP (Hewlett Packard), but some others may have this application already etched into their printers.

In the end, only users of the Apple iPad 2nd generation and other Apple mobile devices can directly print through AirPrint supported printers.

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