How To Save On Printing Costs? Cheaper Consumables NOT Reduced Print Jobs!

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) call for a more consolidated approach to printing by embedding print management solutions to its laser printer units by password protecting access to units; to networking a printer across a workgroup and to more sophisticated applications such as the Follow Me document technology.

This establishes leaner printing operations for most organizations which not only reduces hardware costs but more importantly toner and paper usage; as printing has become more restrictive given authorization to access, increased accountability per department and intensive tracking of print jobs. After all, according to Samsung in an article by Peter Judge, the cost of printing eats up at least 1/5 of the IT budget of most organizations.

Saving resources or simply cutting print jobs?< OEMs may dub this as clear cut solutions to business printing, but then again said technique is just a workaround antidote to the cost of OEM printer consumables. The hefty prices of retail toner cartridges is a sad fact that many laser printer users have to contend with; including home users who are not predisposed to pertinent print management devices bundled with new laser printer units. Given the equation of cheaper printers = expensive consumables; it is only imperative for users to reduce print jobs and save on printing costs. Indeed, there is wisdom in the prudent use of printing resources; and new printing technologies likewise allowed businesses to cut corners by around 15% to 20% on their budgets. But the cost-saving features of new laser printers would pale in comparison to the cost savings derived from the use of compatible toner.

Solution from the printer consumables aftermarket

Consequently, independent or third party manufacturers of printer consumables have introduced genuine cost solutions to the printer consumables market. Despite the beating from OEMs in the form of lawsuits for independent manufacturers and threats of voiding printer warranties for users of third party consumables such as compatible toner cartridges and toner refill kits, the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry endures to this day; as the industry is able to competently respond to the needs of laser printer users for quality, decent prints at prices within reach. While the purchase of an OEM retail cartridge can cost you say $100, you can get the same decent prints for 30% less from a compatible toner cartridge and as much as 80% off when you opt for a toner refill kit.

With compatibles and compatible toner, users are empowered to optimize resources and meet print requirements efficiently while generating huge dollar savings in the process. Most likely, laser printer users will have to contend with the ridiculously high retail pricing of OEM consumables. But at least now, they know they have an acceptable option at their disposal.

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