How To Revive Dried Printer Ink?

It is no surprise to come across underperforming OEM or remanufactured ink cartridges sometimes even printing flawlessly right out of the box. Printer cartridge problems do transpire even with the most trusted brands. Although users have the prerogative to return the defective device and ask for a replacement, it often takes time to do so. In most cases, the cause of the problem is dried ink filling cartridge nozzles. Many uses, out of frustration, resort to measures on how to revive dried printer ink and restore expected cartridge performance.

The assembly and filling of ink in cartridges is not a perfect process even when this is conducted inside laboratories. A minimal time lapse in securing the seal of a full cartridge can render the ink nozzles dry. This result in striped prints blanked print areas or no print at all. Said printer cartridge problem is however easy to troubleshoot. The process pertinent to how to revive dried printer ink can be summed-up as follows:

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  1. First is to use a q-tip soaked in alcohol. Rub the q-tip in a circular motion or wet the print head. Alcohol should be able to decongest the micron-sized nozzles.
  2. While using the wet q-tip, clean the metal contacts of the cartridge. Include the metal terminals where the cartridge snugly sits since loose contact makes printing impossible.
  3. If these do not fix the problem, try subjecting the print head under the flow of extremely hot water for 20 to 30 seconds as heat can loosen the dried ink.
  4. If not, soak the printer in 1/4 inch-hot water before running a print cycle to dislodge whatever dried ink is left in the nozzles and to check print quality as well.
  5. If all else fails with regards to the how to revive dried printer ink techniques, try using a solution of 30% ammonia and 70% water before loading the cartridge back to the printer. Running a print cycle afterwards should clear the dried ink from the nozzle.
  6. The cartridge should now be clear of clogged dried ink. However, if print quality is still poor, there is one last straw in the troubleshooting arsenal. Note that in order for ink to flow freely into the nozzles, the cartridge must be freed of plus atmospheric pressure. Air trapped inside the cartridge is responsible for barring the flow of ink and therefore must be released. This printer cartridge problem can be resolved by inserting a syringe and drawing out trapped air, bubbles, and foam from the cartridge.

If all the given measures still prove to be ineffective in improving the print quality, then the printer cartridge problem must really be complex. Send the cartridge back to the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

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