How to Recycle Old Computers?

How to Recycle Old Computers

Recycling an old computer is one of the many ways by which to extend its useful life; and delay or terminate its travel to landfills. However, for no longer serviceable units, it is a means to promote the proper disposal of the old computer. There are many companies that provide old computer and electronic waste recycling services that likewise offer options for recycling. The choice on how to recycle old computer will depend on ones preference and the aspect of convenience.

Old Computer Recycling and Disposal Tips

  1. Ship Your Old PCs to Manufacturers. A lot of electronic companies offer mail back and recycling options. Manufacturers such as Dell and HP offer free recycling and shipping wherein you can earn money in return. Apple also offers trade in opportunities as well as recycling with free shipping.
  2. Bring Your Computer to Reliable Electronic Recycling Services. The US Government has approved these recycling centers to remanufacture consumer electronics – AnythingIT Inc., eRevival LLC, Global Computer Pro LLC, to name a few. These facilities have given their notice of intent to operate as Universal Waste Handlers.
  3. Donate Your PC to Charitable Institutions. It is a lot safer for the environment to donate your old but still functional computer to an institution that can still make use of it. Majority of old computers discarded are still operational but a little behind in terms of hardware and software technology. Despite these setbacks, a lot of institutions can still take make use of the equipment until the expiry of its useful life. Below is a list of charities you can consider for the donation of used computers.

What to do with used paper, aluminum cans, glass, printer cartridges and electronics? We’ve got cool recycling ideas just for you.

  • Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) – This is a program that targets schools and helps students reuse technological equipment in most states in the US.
  • Komputer 4 Kids – This institution aims to provide children from low income families to gain access to computer technology. It accepts donations including used computers.
  • Reconnect – This is a combined effort of Goodwill and Dell, stretching out to benefit local communities. They also refurbish and recycle old computers.
  • The National Cristina Foundation – This foundation helps non-profit groups and organizations in reusing old computers from contributions and donations.

Environmental Protection Energy (EPA) divulged that almost 75% of used gadgets are being rounded up to landfills. This means that only around 15% of computer users implement electronic waste recycling. Saving the environment is now a global concern; thus, recycling processes must be reinforced. The gentlest and most dependable means to ascertain that used computers are safely disposed is to use a licensed electronic waste recycling company. Their services will guarantee that your computer will never finish off in a landfill.

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