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How To Properly Dispose Used Toner Cartridges

Very often consumers treat used toner cartridges as municipal waste and throw it directly into trash bins. Ultimately these used cartridges end up in dumpsites and landfills and left to decompose.

How long will it take for a used toner cartridge to decompose? It would probably turn jelly in a couple of several hundred years. So we need to really think and find ways before throwing used toner cartridges away.

Return used toner cartridges to the manufacturer. OEMs like HP and Brother have organized recycling programs. Used cartridges are then crushed, melted and recycled to produce yet several new printer peripherals.Several options are now available to guide users on the correct disposal of used toner cartridges based on local statutes or as prescribed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Did you know that you can reuse empty toner cartridges for another printing cycle? Recycle. Refill. Save! has got you covered on the basics of
toner cartridge recycling.

  1. Dispose used toner cartridges online. Online resellers accept used toner cartridges, which are in turn remanufactured. They usually pay small amount in return or offer discounts to patrons in exchange.
  2. Do not dispose used toner cartridges in regular trash cans. Instead, dump cartridges with the green recycle trash cans prominent in government complexes and university campuses.
  3. Search the web and learn more about recycling and proper disposal information pertinent e-garbage and computer peripherals.
  4. Visit the official EPA website and seek government disposal guidelines in handling used toner cartridges.

Moreover, users should be aware that used toner cartridges can be refilled with fresh toner powder supply for up to 3 times (as recommended) before it is eligible for remanufacturing or as e-garbage. Using toner refill kits, an empty HP or Brother toner cartridge can be recycled for a few more cycles of printing.

Each one of us must show our concern to the environment by observing proper e-garbage disposal and limit the accumulation of trash in dumpsites and landfills.

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