How To Print From An iPad Using Non AirPrint Printers?

One of the reasons why Apple mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone are selling like hot cakes is the wireless cloud printing application that is available with its mobile operating system iOS 4 and this fall upcoming iOS 5. Now users can wirelessly connect an iOS device with a compatible printer; directly print from an iPad or iPhone their needed documents, and be on the go. Apple Inc. definitely supplies the most sought after printing solution compatible with its fast selling and sleek mobile devices.

Nevertheless, just like any other device, there are some drawbacks to this technology. For instance, only AirPrint compatible printer models can run this application and as of writing, there are only 17 HP printer models that are supplied with this feature. In addition, the application is not available to older models of HP printers. For a non-HP printer however, a simple tweak could transform that printer into an AirPrint compatible unit; thus allowing wireless printing straight from iOS 4 devices. Read below for further instructions.

  1. The user needs to download the application called AirPrint Activator on their Mac computer or download the software through the Apple icon found on the upper left corner of the iPad screen.
  2. A simple click of the Software Update copies the AirPrint Activator into the Applications folder. Click to launch.
  3. Click on the switch and enter the admin password.
  4. A window will prompt and allow the user to add the printer that will be used primarily for the AirPrint application.
  5. Once launched, the Print and Fax Utility in the settings folder is activated and the user can now add the printer for the cloud-printing task.
  6. The process is complete and the user can now start to print from an iPad.

Initially, Apple’s intention was to make the wireless cloud printing technology available to all printers so users can conveniently print from an iPad. However, this marketing strategy was canceled prior to its launch and Apple has not issued any statement regarding the matter.

Now, if your printer does not belong to the small family of printer models that run the Apple AirPrint application, don’t despair because there are easy steps you can follow to activate wireless cloud printing solutions on your printer. By simply implementing a few software tweaks, the AirPrint application makes it possible to print from an iPad using any digital printers.

Credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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