How To Handle Toner Spills And Stains

Have you been refilling toner cartridges lately? Learn about unanticipated – sometimes unavoidable, scenarios that might come about in the course of toner replenishment and the suitable measures that should be taken in response.

Toner goes airborne. Toner is made of fine powder which could easily get airborne from a little wind movement. Thus in the course of refill, toner refill kit users must turn off fans in the room or shut ventilation ducts to prevent the spread of toner. In case such a mess happens, users must leave the room to allow toner to settle down before retrieving the dust and cleaning the room.

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Toner spills on fabric. At times, toner can attach to clothing to therefore leave marks and blemishes on the fabric. Given the said situation, users should take in mind to NEVER rub toner particles sticking to the fabric as this will only produce permanent stains on the material. When toner gets into your clothing, the following removal steps are recommended.

Blow off toner particles on the fabric or simply use a specialized vacuum cleaner intended for this purpose. Do not use a regular vacuum cleaner since toner powder is static-charged and could produce fire. Put ink remover over the toner residue and let it rest for a few seconds or until toner lightens. Scrub the toner with a brush or an abrasive sponge. In light or gentle mode, machine-wash the fabric. Remember to separate the fabric from any other garment while washing to prevent staining other clothing as well, just in case toner residues have not been completely removed. Toner spills over furniture. Simply wipe off the spill with a damp cloth on affected area. This should clean the affected surfaces furniture.

Toner spills on hands and powder getting into the eyes. Toner sticking to one’s hands and eyes can be very unsettling. But then there no need to worry. Just wash your hands and clean the affected eye over cold, tap water until such time that toner is removed. Do remember though, never to use warm water as heat will melt the toner and will cause permanent stains.

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There is practically no reason to fret when a toner spill occurs because the residue can be removed easily whether on fabric, furniture, and some body parts.

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